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Kolsch, M.[Mathias] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kolsch, M.[Mathias]: kolsch AT nps edu
* Analysis of rotational robustness of hand detection with a Viola-Jones detector
* Appearance-Based Prior for Hand Tracking, An
* Fast 2D Hand Tracking with Flocks of Features and Multi-Cue Integration
* Hand Tracking with Flocks of Features
* Human posture recognition for intelligent vehicles
* Multi-level Learning and Classification of Multi-class Parts-Based Representations of U.S. Marine Postures, The
* Perceptual Interfaces
* Robust hand detection
* Shot Boundary Detection with Graph Theory Using Keypoint Features and Color Histograms
* Special issue on vision for human-computer interaction
* Vision-Based Hand-Gesture Applications
Includes: Kolsch, M.[Mathias] Kölsch, M.[Mathias] (Maybe also Koelsch, M.)
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Kolsch, T. Co Author Listing * Enhancements for local feature based image classification

Kolstee, Y.[Yolande] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality for Art, Design and Cultural Heritage: System Design and Evaluation

Kolstein, M. Co Author Listing * Simulation of the Expected Performance of a Seamless Scanner for Brain PET Based on Highly Pixelated CdTe Detectors

Kolster, M.E.[Mick Emil] Co Author Listing * High-Speed Magnetic Surveying for Unexploded Ordnance Using UAV Systems

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