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Koeleman, C.J.[Cornelis J.] Co Author Listing * Enhanced prediction for motion estimation in Scalable Video Coding
* Global Illumination Compensation for Background Subtraction Using Gaussian-Based Background Difference Modeling
* Highly-parallelized motion estimation for Scalable Video Coding
* Real-time Two-Stage SPECK (TSSP) design and implementation for scalable video coding on embedded systems
* Towards real-time and low-latency video object tracking by linking tracklets of incomplete detections

Koelewijn, G. Co Author Listing * Skeletons from chain-coded contours

Koelle, M. Co Author Listing * Ubiquitous Intelligent Cameras: Between Legal Nightmare and Social Empowerment

Koellner, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Do Red Edge and Texture Attributes from High-Resolution Satellite Data Improve Wood Volume Estimation in a Semi-Arid Mountainous Region?
* Over 150 Years of Change: Object-Oriented Analysis of Historical Land Cover in the Main River Catchment, Bavaria/Germany
* Reconstructing the Spatio-Temporal Development of Irrigation Systems in Uzbekistan Using Landsat Time Series
Includes: Koellner, T.[Thomas] Koellner, T.

Koelma, D. Co Author Listing * Bootstrapping Visual Categorization With Relevant Negatives
* Image retrieval and segmentation based on color invariants

Koelma, D.C. Co Author Listing * Assessing user behaviour in news video retrieval
* Blackthorn: Large-Scale Interactive Multimodal Learning
* Evaluating multimedia features and fusion for example-based event detection
* Exquisitor at the Video Browser Showdown 2020
* Exquisitor at the Video Browser Showdown 2021: Relationships Between Semantic Classifiers
* Exquisitor at the Video Browser Showdown 2022
* image processing library based on abstract image data-types in C++, An
* Learned Lexicon-Driven Interactive Video Retrieval
* Learned Lexicon-Driven Paradigm for Interactive Video Retrieval, A
* Lexicon-based Browsers for Searching in News Video Archives
* Location Estimation of Cylinders from a 2-D Image
* Mediamill: Advanced Browsing in News Video Archives
* Multimedia Pivot Tables for Multimedia Analytics on Image Collections
* Semantic Pathfinder: Using an Authoring Metaphor for Generic Multimedia Indexing, The
* Transparent Parallel Image Processing by Way of a Familiar Sequential API
* User Strategies in Video Retrieval: A Case Study
* Visual Programming Interface for an Image-Processing Environment
Includes: Koelma, D.C. Koelma, D.C.[Dennis C.]
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Koelsch, B.L. Co Author Listing * High Resolution ^13 C MRI With Hyperpolarized Urea: In Vivo T_2 Mapping and ^15 N Labeling Effects

Koelstra, S.[Sander] Co Author Listing * Continuous emotion detection in response to music videos
* DEAP: A Database for Emotion Analysis Using Physiological Signals
* Dynamic Texture-Based Approach to Recognition of Facial Actions and Their Temporal Models, A
* Fusion of facial expressions and EEG for implicit affective tagging
* Non-rigid registration using free-form deformations for recognition of facial actions and their temporal dynamics
Includes: Koelstra, S.[Sander] Koelstra, S.

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