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Kokubo, T.[Tetsushi] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for generating motion control signal from image signal

Kokubo, Y. Co Author Listing * Add-On Strategies for Fine-Grained Pedestrian Classification
* Region segmentation using edge based circle growing

Kokuer, M. Co Author Listing * Acoustic Recognition of Multiple Bird Species Based on Penalized Maximum Likelihood
* Feature identification and model tracking for model-based coding

Kokui, T.[Tatsuhiko] Co Author Listing * Image Modification Based on a Visual Saliency Map for Guiding Visual Attention

Kokul, T. Co Author Listing * Deep Match Tracker: Classifying when Dissimilar, Similarity Matching when Not
* Gate connected convolutional neural network for object tracking

Kokumai, Y. Co Author Listing * Non-contact Full Field Vibration Measurement Based on Phase-Shifting

Kokura, T.[Toru] Co Author Listing * Tracking Pedestrians Across Multiple Cameras via Partial Relaxation of Spatio-Temporal Constraint and Utilization of Route Cue

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