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Kiya, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Exposure Compensation for Multi-Exposure Image Fusion
* Bit Reduction of DCT Basis for Transform Coding
* Blind Reversible Data Hiding Method for High Dynamic Range Images Taking Advantage of Sparse Histogram, A
* Block-Permutation-Based Encryption Scheme with Enhanced Color Scrambling
* Block-Permutation-Based Encryption Scheme with Independent Processing of RGB Components, A
* cheat preventing method with efficient pixel expansion for Naor-Shamir's visual cryptography, A
* Cheat-Prevention Visual Secret Sharing Scheme with Minimum Pixel Expansion, A
* Codestream Domain Scrambling of Moving Objects Based on DCT Sign-only Correlation for Motion JPEG Movies
* Codestream-Based Identification of JPEG 2000 Images with Different Coding Parameters
* Collusion Attack-Resilient Hierarchical Encryption of JPEG 2000 Codestreams with Scalable Access Control
* Color-component bit allocation scheme for JPEG 2000 parallel codec
* Convolutional Neural Networks Considering Local and Global Features for Image Enhancement
* development of symmetric extension method for subband image coding, A
* Efficient Compression of Amplitude-Only Images for the Image Trading System, An
* Efficient packet loss protection for JPEG2000 images enabling backward compatibility with a standard decoder
* Encryption Inspired Adversarial Defense For Visual Classification
* Encryption-then-Compression System for Lossless Image Compression Standards, An
* Error correction using data hiding technique for JPEG2000 images
* Fast Full Search Block Matching Algorithm for MPEG-4 Video, A
* fast image-scramble method using public-key encryption allowing backward compatibility with jpeg2000, A
* Fast Method for Joint Retrieval and Identification of JPEG Coded Images Based on DCT Sign
* Generalized Hierarchical Encryption of JPEG 2000 Codestreams for Access Control
* Hierarchical Encryption of Multimedia Contents for Access Control
* Hierarchical encryption using short encryption keys for scalable access control of JPEG 2000 coded images
* Identification of JPEG 2000 images in encrypted domain for digital cinema
* Image and Model Transformation with Secret Key for Vision Transformer
* Image Identification of Encrypted JPEG Images for Privacy-Preserving Photo Sharing Services
* Image Identification Scheme of Encrypted JPEG Images for Privacy-Preserving Photo Sharing Services, An
* Image Manipulation Specifications on Social Networking Services for Encryption-then-Compression Systems
* Image Tamper Detection using Mathematical Morphology
* image-quality guaranteed method for quantization-based watermarking using a DWT, An
* integer tone mapping operation for HDR images in OpenEXR with denormalized numbers, An
* Key Derivation Scheme for Hierarchical Access Control to JPEG 2000 Coded Images, A
* Location-Map Free Reversible Data Hiding Method using Block-Based Single Parameter, A
* Lossless integer color transform for four color components
* Method of Inserting Binary Data into MPEG Bitstreams for Video Index Labeling, A
* Modulo Arithmetic-Based Image Watermarking and its Theoretical Analysis of Image-Quality
* Multi-Color Balance for Color Constancy
* new class of image registration for guaranteeing secure data management, A
* No-Reference PSNR Estimation for Quality Monitoring of Motion JPEG2000 Video Over Lossy Packet Networks
* Noise bias compensation of tone mapped noisy image
* Non separable 2D factorization of separable 2D DWT for lossless image coding
* On the Security of Block Scrambling-Based EtC Systems against Extended Jigsaw Puzzle Solver Attacks
* Optimumization of lifting structure of reversible KLT based on permutation of signal's order and sign
* Partial-scrambling of images encoded using JPEG2000 without generating marker codes
* Privacy-Preserving Deep Neural Networks with Pixel-Based Image Encryption Considering Data Augmentation in the Encrypted Domain
* Privacy-Preserving Image Classification Using an Isotropic Network
* Reversible color transform with compatiblity to irreversible transform
* Robust Identification Scheme for JPEG XR Images with Various Compression Ratios, A
* Robust Image Identification with DC Coefficients for Double-Compressed JPEG Images
* Robust image identification with secure features for JPEG images
* Robust Image Identification without Visible Information for JPEG Images
* Scene Segmentation-Based Luminance Adjustment for Multi-Exposure Image Fusion
* Scheme of Reversible Data Hiding for the Encryption-Then-Compression System, A
* scrambling method for Motion JPEG videos enabling moving objects detection from scrambled videos, A
* Secure OMP Computation Maintaining Sparse Representations and Its Application to EtC Systems
* Separated-Spectral-Distribution Estimation Based on Bayesian Inference with Single RGB Camera
* Super-Resolution Using Convolutional Neural Networks Without Any Checkerboard Artifacts
* Three dimensional discrete wavelet transform with deduced number of lifting steps
* Transfer Learning-Based Model Protection with Secret Key
* Two-Layer Near-Lossless HDR Coding with Backward Compatibility to JPEG
* Unitary Transform-Based Template Protection and Its Application to l2-norm Minimization Problems
Includes: Kiya, H. Kiya, H.[Hitoshi]
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Kiyama, R. Co Author Listing * wearable augmented reality system with haptic feedback and its performance in virtual assembly tasks, A

Kiyani, I.A.[Iqra Ashraf] Co Author Listing * Deep learning based Glaucoma Network Classification (GNC) using retinal images

Kiyani, K.H.[Khurom H.] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Focal Stereo Networks for Pattern Analysis in Homogeneous Scenes
* Spatio-Temporal Consistency for Head Detection in High-Density Scenes

Kiyasu, S. Co Author Listing * Pattern recognition using average patterns of categorical k-nearest neighbors
* Robust detection of adventitious lung sounds in electronic auscultation signals
* Unmixing three types of lung sounds by convex optimization
Includes: Kiyasu, S. Kiyasu, S.[Senya]

Kiyasu, Y.[Yuki] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Material Appearance of Objects Under Different Lighting Distributions Against Natural Illumination

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