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Kien, N.T.[Nguyen Trung] Co Author Listing * Noise Removal and Restoration Using Voting-Based Analysis and Image Segmentation Based on Statistical Models

Kienast, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Multispecies Assessment to Identify the Functional Connectivity of Amphibians in a Human-Dominated Landscape, A

Kienast, G.[Gert] Co Author Listing * FascinatE Production Scripting Engine, The

Kiencke, U. Co Author Listing * Finger Localization and Classification in Images based on Generalized Hough Transform and Probabilistic Models
* Standard platform for sensor fusion on advanced driver assistance system using Bayesian Network

Kieneke, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * New Approach on Spatio-temporal Scene Analysis for Driver Observation, A
* Probabilistic Scene Analysis for Robust Stereo Correspondence
* Spatio-Temporal Scene Analysis Based on Graph Algorithms to Determine Rigid and Articulated Objects
* Stereo Tracking of Faces for Driver Observation

Kienholz, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Glacier Changes in the Susitna Basin, Alaska, USA, (1951-2015) using GIS and Remote Sensing Methods

Kieninger, T. Co Author Listing * Applying the T-Recs table recognition system to the business letter domain
* approach towards benchmarking of table structure recognition results, An
* Rule-based document structure understanding with a fuzzy combination of layout and textual features
* Three approaches to industrial table spotting
* Using a partitioned dictionary for contextual post-processing of OCR-results
Includes: Kieninger, T. Kieninger, T.[Thomas]

Kienitz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Comparing Complexities of Decision Boundaries for Robust Training: A Universal Approach

Kienle, M. Co Author Listing * Concept and development of a unified ontology for generating test and use-case catalogues for assisted and automated vehicle guidance

Kienzle, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Covid Detection and Severity Prediction with 3d-convnext and Custom Pretrainings
* Detecting Arbitrary Keypoints on Limbs and Skis with Sparse Partly Correct Segmentation Masks
* Recognition of Freely Selected Keypoints on Human Limbs

Kienzle, W.[Wolf] Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D face reconstruction from single images or video
* Crosstalk Cascades for Frame-Rate Pedestrian Detection
* Efficient Approximations for Support Vector Machines in Object Detection
* How to Find Interesting Locations in Video: A Spatiotemporal Interest Point Detector Learned from Human Eye Movements
* Learning an Interest Operator from Human Eye Movements

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