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Kerl, C. Co Author Listing * Dense Continuous-Time Tracking and Mapping with Rolling Shutter RGB-D Cameras
* Dense Tracking and Mapping with a Quadrocopter
* Large-Scale Multi-resolution Surface Reconstruction from RGB-D Sequences
* Towards Illumination-Invariant 3D Reconstruction Using ToF RGB-D Cameras
Includes: Kerl, C. Kerl, C.[Christian]

Kerle, N. Co Author Listing * Active Learning in the Spatial Domain for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Crowdsourcing, Citizen Science or Volunteered Geographic Information? The Current State of Crowdsourced Geographic Information
* Disaster damage detection through synergistic use of deep learning and 3D point cloud features derived from very high resolution oblique aerial images, and multiple-kernel-learning
* Evaluating Resilience-Centered Development Interventions with Remote Sensing
* Function of Remote Sensing in Support of Environmental Policy, The
* GEOBIA 2016: Advances in Object-Based Image Analysis: Linking with Computer Vision and Machine Learning
* Graph matching in 3D space for structural seismic damage assessment
* Identification of damage in buildings based on gaps in 3D point clouds from very high resolution oblique airborne images
* Identification of Structurally Damaged Areas in Airborne Oblique Images Using a Visual-Bag-of-Words Approach
* LISU: Low-light indoor scene understanding with joint learning of reflectance restoration
* Multi-Resolution Feature Fusion for Image Classification of Building Damages with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Object-oriented analysis of multi-temporal panchromatic images for creation of historical landslide inventories
* Post-Disaster Building Damage Detection from Earth Observation Imagery Using Unsupervised and Transferable Anomaly Detecting Generative Adversarial Networks
* Post-Disaster Building Database Updating Using Automated Deep Learning: An Integration of Pre-Disaster OpenStreetMap and Multi-Temporal Satellite Data
* Post-Disaster Recovery Assessment with Machine Learning-Derived Land Cover and Land Use Information
* Remote Sensing-Based Proxies for Urban Disaster Risk Management and Resilience: A Review
* Reviving Legacy Population Maps With Object-Oriented Image Processing Techniques
* Segment Optimisation for Object-Based Landslide Detection
* Segment Optimization and Data-Driven Thresholding for Knowledge-Based Landslide Detection by Object-Based Image Analysis
* Segmentation of UAV-Based Images Incorporating 3D Point Cloud Information
* Structural Building Damage Detection with Deep Learning: Assessment of a State-of-the-Art CNN in Operational Conditions
* Supervised Classification of Multiple View Images in Object Space for Seismic Damage Assessment
* Towards Improved Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Edge Intelligence: A Road Infrastructure Monitoring Case Study
* Towards Learning Low-light Indoor Semantic Segmentation With Illumination-invariant Features
* Towards Post-disaster Debris Identification for Precise Damage And Recovery Assessments From UAV and Satellite Images
* Towards Real-Time Building Damage Mapping with Low-Cost UAV Solutions
* Training a Disaster Victim Detection Network for UAV Search and Rescue Using Harmonious Composite Images
* Transferability of Object-Oriented Image Analysis Methods for Slum Identification
* Uav-based Structural Damage Mapping - Results From 6 Years of Research In Two European Projects
* UAV-Based Structural Damage Mapping: A Review
Includes: Kerle, N. Kerle, N.[Norman]
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