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Kalka, N. Co Author Listing * IARPA Janus Benchmark-B Face Dataset

Kalka, N.D.[Nathan D.] Co Author Listing * automated method for predicting iris segmentation failures, An
* Comparison of Human and Automated Face Verification Accuracy on Unconstrained Image Sets, A
* Cross-Spectral Face Verification in the Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Band
* Estimating and Fusing Quality Factors for Iris Biometric Images
* Grouper: Optimizing Crowdsourced Face Annotations
* Identifying sensors from fingerprint images
* Improving long range and high magnification face recognition: Database acquisition, evaluation, and enhancement
* preliminary study on identifying sensors from iris images, A
Includes: Kalka, N.D.[Nathan D.] Kalka, N.D.
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Kalkan, H.[Habil] Co Author Listing * Automated classification of local patches in colon histopathology
* Hierarchical Grid-Based Learning Approach for Recovering Unknown Depths in Kinect Depth Maps
* Improving Density Based Clustering with Multi-Scale Analysis
* Optimizing the color-to-grayscale conversion for image classification

Kalkan, K. Co Author Listing * Comparison of support vector machine and object based classification methods for coastline detection
* Comparison of working efficiency of terrestrial laser scanner in day and night conditions
* Testing The Generalization Efficiency Of Oil Slick Classification Algorithm Using Multiple Sar Data For Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Kalkan, S.[Sinan] Co Author Listing * AULA-Caps: Lifecycle-Aware Capsule Networks for Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Facial Actions
* Bayesian Classification of Image Structures
* Causal Structure Learning of Bias for Fair Affect Recognition
* Continuous dimensionality characterization of image structures
* Counterfactual Fairness for Facial Expression Recognition
* Deep 3D semantic scene extrapolation
* Deep Hierarchies in the Primate Visual Cortex: What Can We Learn for Computer Vision?
* Disparity disambiguation by fusion of signal- and symbolic-level information
* Does depth estimation help object detection?
* Drone-vs-Bird detection challenge at IEEE AVSS2017
* Generating Positive Bounding Boxes for Balanced Training of Object Detectors
* Hitchhiker's Guide to Bias and Fairness in Facial Affective Signal Processing: Overview and techniques, The
* Imbalance Problems in Object Detection: A Review
* iterative adaptive multi-modal stereo-vision method using mutual information, An
* Learning Affordances for Categorizing Objects and Their Properties
* Localization Recall Precision (LRP): A New Performance Metric for Object Detection
* METU dataset: A big dataset for benchmarking trademark retrieval
* One Metric to Measure Them All: Localisation Recall Precision (LRP) for Evaluating Visual Detection Tasks
* Rank &Sort Loss for Object Detection and Instance Segmentation
* Scene Representation Based on Multi-Modal 2D and 3D Features, A
* Segment Augmentation and Differentiable Ranking for Logo Retrieval
* Semantic Reasoning for Scene Interpretation
* Statistical Analysis of Local 3D Structure in 2D Images
* TMO-Det: Deep tone-mapping optimized with and for object detection
* Transformer-Encoder Detector Module: Using Context to Improve Robustness to Adversarial Attacks on Object Detection
* Using deep networks for drone detection
* Using multi-modal 3D contours and their relations for vision and robotics
* Utilizing Semantic Interpretation of Junctions for 3D-2D Pose Estimation
Includes: Kalkan, S.[Sinan] Kalkan, S.
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Kalkanis, G. Co Author Listing * Interval Error Estimators in Class Probability Trees

Kalkar, A. Co Author Listing * SmartOverlays: A Visual Saliency Driven Label Placement for Intelligent Human-Computer Interfaces

Kalkavouras, M. Co Author Listing * 3D studio production of animated actor models

Kalke, H. Co Author Listing * River Ice Segmentation With Deep Learning

Kalke, M. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Segmentation of Reconstructed Dental X-Ray Volumes
* Parallelized Bayesian Inversion for Three-Dimensional Dental X-ray Imaging
* Wavelet-Based Reconstruction for Limited-Angle X-Ray Tomography

Kalker, A. Co Author Listing * Implementation of a real-time digital watermarking process for broadcast monitoring on a TriMedia VLIW processor

Kalker, T. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Watermark Detection Using SPOMF
* Digital Watermarking and Steganography
* Efficient Detection of a Spatial Spread-spectrum Watermark in MPEG Video Streams
* Grobner Bases and Multidimensional FIR Multirate Systems
* Improved watermark detection reliability using filtering before correlation
* Low-complexity arbitrarily shaped transform and coefficient ordering method based on the four-point DCT
* Matching pursuit for compression and application to motion compensated video coding
* On optimal boundary and transition filters in time-varying filter banks
* Optimal distortion compensation for quantization watermarking
* Performance analysis of locality preserving image hash
* Re-quantization Based Semi-Fragile Authentication for General Uniform Quantizer
* Road to Immersive Communication, The
* robust image fingerprinting system using the Radon transform, A
* Robust Video Fingerprinting Based on Symmetric Pairwise Boosting
* Secret Key Watermarking with Changing Keys
* Secure Quantization Index Modulation Watermark Detection
* VIVA Project: Digital Watermarking for Broadcast Monitoring, The
* Voice activity detection and speaker localization using audiovisual cues
* Watermark estimation through detector analysis
* Watermarking Scheme for Digital Cinema, A
Includes: Kalker, T. Kalker, T.[Ton]
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Kalki, J. Co Author Listing * Integrated Computational Model of Three-Dimensional Vision, An

Kalkofen, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Frame Cache Management for Multi-frame Rate Systems

Kalkreuter, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Learning in an Active Hybrid Vision System

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