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Kaan, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Learning Topological Interactions for Multi-Class Medical Image Segmentation

Kaandorp, T.A.M. Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Regional Wall Motion Abnormalities Based on a Statistical Model Applied to Multislice Short-Axis Cardiac MR Images
* Slice-Based Combination of Rest and Dobutamine: Stress Cardiac MRI Using a Statistical Motion Model to Identify Myocardial Infarction: Validation against Contrast-Enhanced MRI
Includes: Kaandorp, T.A.M. Kaandorp, T.A.M.[Theodorus A. M.]

Kaanich, B. Co Author Listing * Efficient Hardware Architecture Design for H.264/AVC INTRA 4X4 Algorithm, An

Kaaniche, K. Co Author Listing * Event Detection Based on Common Fate Principle: Application to Vehicles Detection from Aerial Sequences of Road Traffic
* Robust visual servoing using global features based on random process
Includes: Kaaniche, K. Kaaniche, K.[Khaled]

Kaaniche, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive lifting schemes with a global L1 minimization technique for image coding
* Bit Allocation Method for Sparse Source Coding, A
* Block dependent dictionary based disparity compensation for stereo image coding
* Close Approximation of Kullback-Leibler Divergence for Sparse Source Retrieval
* Dense disparity map representations for stereo image coding
* Depth-based color stereo images retrieval using joint multivariate statistical models
* Disparity based stereo image retrieval through univariate and bivariate models
* Dynamic Neural Network for Lossy-to-Lossless Image Coding
* Efficient Enhancement of Stereo Endoscopic Images Based on Joint Wavelet Decomposition and Binocular Combination
* Efficient Inter-View Bit Allocation Methods for Stereo Image Coding
* Efficient retrieval strategies for quantized stereo image
* Exploiting disparity information for stereo image retrieval
* Joint Learning of Fully Connected Network Models in Lifting Based Image Coders
* Neural Network Approach for Joint Optimization of Predictors In Lifting-Based Image Coders, A
* New Video Quality Assessment Dataset for Video Surveillance Applications, A
* No-reference stereo image quality assessment based on joint wavelet decomposition and statistical models
* novel multi-branch wavelet neural network for sparse representation based object classification, A
* Optimized Lifting Scheme Based on A Dynamical Fully Connected Network for Image Coding
* Optimized lifting schemes based on ENO stencils for image approximation
* Rate distortion optimal bit allocation for stereo image coding
* Residual Networks Based Distortion Classification and Ranking for Laparoscopic Image Quality Assessment
* Sparse based adaptive non separable vector lifting scheme for holograms compression
* Sparse optimization of non separable vector lifting scheme for stereo image coding
* Vector Lifting Schemes for Stereo Image Coding
Includes: Kaaniche, M. Kaaniche, M.[Mounir]
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Kaaniche, M.B.[Mohamed Becha] Co Author Listing * Commentary Paper 2 on Action Signature: A Novel Holistic Representation for Action Recognition
* Gesture recognition by learning local motion signatures
* Human Face Detection Improvement Using Incremental Learning Based on Low Variance Directions
* novel incremental one-class support vector machine based on low variance direction, A
* Recognizing Gestures by Learning Local Motion Signatures of HOG Descriptors
* Tracking HoG Descriptors for Gesture Recognition
Includes: Kaaniche, M.B.[Mohamed Becha] Kaâniche, M.B.[Mohamed Bécha] Kaâniche, M.B.[Mohamed-Bécha]

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