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Jovanov, E.S.[Emil S.] Co Author Listing * Real-time Visualization of Brain Electrical Activity

Jovanov, L. Co Author Listing * Combined Wavelet-Domain and Motion-Compensated Video Denoising Based on Video Codec Motion Estimation Methods
* Image Denoising Using Quadtree-Based Nonlocal Means With Locally Adaptive Principal Component Analysis
* Object Tracking Using Naive Bayesian Classifiers
* Obstacle detection for pedestrians with a visual impairment based on 3D imaging
* Rotation invariant similarity measure for non-local self-similarity based image denoising
* Wavelet Based Joint Denoising of Depth and Luminance Images
Includes: Jovanov, L. Jovanov, L.[Ljubomir]

Jovanova, B.[Blagica] Co Author Listing * Avatar interoperability and control in virtual Worlds
* MPEG-4 Part 25: A Generic Model for 3D Graphics Compression
* MPEG-4 Part 25: A graphics compression framework for XML-based scene graph formats
* Online Animation System For Practicing Cued Speech

Jovanovic, A. Co Author Listing * Forward Error Correction for Multipath Media Streaming
* Variance Mismatch Analysis of Unrestricted Polar Quantization for Gaussian Source

Jovanovic, D.[Dusan] Co Author Listing * LADM Based Utility Network Cadastre in Serbia
Includes: Jovanovic, D.[Dusan] Jovanovic, D.[Dušan]

Jovanovic, I.[Ivana] Co Author Listing * Tomographic Approach for Parametric Estimation of Local Diffusive Sources and Application to Heat Diffusion

Jovanovic, J. Co Author Listing * Synesketch: An Open Source Library for Sentence-Based Emotion Recognition

Jovanovic, L. Co Author Listing * Learning Algorithm Based on Modified Structure of Pattern Classes

Jovanovic, N.[Nebo] Co Author Listing * Validation of Global Evapotranspiration Product (MOD16) using Flux Tower Data in the African Savanna, South Africa

Jovanovic, R.[Raka] Co Author Listing * JPEG Quantization Table Optimization by Guided Fireworks Algorithm

Jovanovic, V. Co Author Listing * Splash detection in surveillance videos of offshore fish production plants

Jovanovic, V.M. Co Author Listing * Automated Data Production For A Novel Airborne Multiangle Spectropolarimetric Imager (AIRMSPI)
* MISR in-flight camera geometric model calibration and georectification performance

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