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Janke, A.L. Co Author Listing * False Discovery Rate Control in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies via Markov Random Fields
* Spatial False Discovery Rate Control for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies

Janke, M. Co Author Listing * Training-Sequence Assisted QAM-Concepts for Digital Terrestrial TV Transmission

Jankkari, J. Co Author Listing * Assistive Situation Awareness System for Mobile Multimachine Work Environments

Janko, B.[Bozidar] Co Author Listing * Detection of repeated and frozen frames in a video signal

Janko, Z.[Zsolt] Co Author Listing * Colour Dynamic Photometric Stereo for Textured Surfaces
* Data Fusion for Photorealistic 3D Models
* Finding region correspondences for wide baseline stereo
* Image-guided ToF depth upsampling: a survey
* Lidar-Based Gait Analysis and Activity Recognition in a 4D Surveillance System
* Normal map recovery using bundle adjustment
* Photo-consistency based registration of an uncalibrated image pair to a 3D surface model using genetic algorithm
* Radiometric calibration of a Helmholtz stereo rig
* Real-Time 4D Reconstruction of Human Motion
* Registration of an uncalibrated image pair to a 3d surface model
* Spatio-temporal image-based texture atlases for dynamic 3-D models
Includes: Janko, Z.[Zsolt] Jankó, Z.[Zsolt] Janko, Z. Jankó, Z.
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Jankovic, V.[Vojtech] Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous morphing of multimodal medical information
* Smooth morphological transformation of CT and MR medical data

Jankowiak, G.[Grzegorz] Co Author Listing * Experience Gained When Using the Yuneec E10T Thermal Camera in Environmental Research

Jankowski, H.K.[Hanna K.] Co Author Listing * Expectations of Random Sets and Their Boundaries Using Oriented Distance Functions

Jankowski, H.P.[Henry P.] Co Author Listing * Systems and methods for rotating high addressability images

Jankowski, J. Co Author Listing * study of street-level navigation techniques in 3D digital cities on mobile touch devices, A

Jankowski, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Framework for Cloud-Based Spatially-Explicit Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in Spatial Multi-Criteria Models, A
* Geodiversity Assessment with Crowdsourced Data and Spatial Multicriteria Analysis
* People, Projects, Organizations, and Products: Designing a Knowledge Graph to Support Multi-Stakeholder Environmental Planning and Design

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