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Irie, A. Co Author Listing * Sample-Specific SVM Learning for Person Re-identification

Irie, B.[Bunpei] Co Author Listing * A Posteriori Probability Calculation Method for Analytic Word Recognition Applicable to Address Recognition, An
* Analytic Word Recognition Algorithm Using a Posteriori Probability, An
* Bayesian Best-First Search for Pattern Recognition: Application to Address Recognition
* Concurrent Optimization of Context Clustering and GMM for Offline Handwritten Word Recognition Using HMM
* multiclass classification method based on multiple pairwise classifiers, A
Includes: Irie, B.[Bunpei] Irie, B.

Irie, G. Co Author Listing * Affective Audio-Visual Words and Latent Topic Driving Model for Realizing Movie Affective Scene Classification
* Alternating Co-Quantization for Cross-Modal Hashing
* Attribute Discovery for Person Re-Identification
* Bayesian Approach to Multimodal Visual Dictionary Learning, A
* Guest Editorial: Challenges and Perspectives for Affective Analysis in Multimedia
* Improving Item Recommendation Based on Social Tag Ranking
* Joint object discovery and segmentation with image-wise reconstruction error
* Local Multi-Coordinate System for Object Retrieval
* Locally Linear Hashing for Extracting Non-linear Manifolds
* Multimodal Learning of Geometry-Preserving Binary Codes for Semantic Image Retrieval
* Robust Learning for Deep Monocular Depth Estimation
* Subspace Structure-Aware Spectral Clustering for Robust Subspace Clustering
* Weakly Supervised Triplet Learning of Canonical Plane Transformation for Joint Object Recognition and Pose Estimation
* Weighted Generalized Mean Pooling for Deep Image Retrieval
Includes: Irie, G. Irie, G.[Go]
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Irie, H.[Hitoshi] Co Author Listing * Primary Evaluation of the GCOM-C Aerosol Products at 380 nm Using Ground-Based Sky Radiometer Observations

Irie, K.[Kazunari] Co Author Listing * Adaptive sub-band DCT coding for HDTV signal transmission
* HDTV transmission system in an ATM-based network
* High-quality subband codec for HDTV transmission
* investigation into noise-bound shadow detection and removal, An
* Measured effects of temperature on illumination-independent camera noise
* Noise-bound method for detecting shadow-free scene changes in image sequences
* study on perfect reconstructive subband coding, A
* Technique for Evaluation of CCD Video-Camera Noise, A
Includes: Irie, K.[Kazunari] Irie, K. Irie, K.[Kenji]
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