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Intrator, N. Co Author Listing * Averaged and decorrelated neural networks as a time-series predictor
* Blurred Face Recognition Via a Hybrid Network Architecture
* Face Detection By Direct Convexity Estimation
* Face Recognition Using A Hybrid Supervised Unsupervised Neural-Network
* Face Recognition Using a Hybrid Supervised/Unsupervised Neural Network
* Hidden loop recovery for handwriting recognition
* Integration of Online and Pseudo-Online Information for Cursive Word Recognition, An
* MAP fusion method for superresolution of images with locally varying pixel quality
* Offline Cursive Script Word Recognition: A Survey
* Offline Loop Investigation for Handwriting Analysis
* Time-of-Flight Estimation in the Presence of Outliers Part I: Single Echo Processing
* Time-of-Flight Estimation in the Presence of Outliers. Part II: Multiple Echo Processing
* Unsupervised Learning of Visual Structure
* Video Enhancement for Underwater Exploration Using Forward Looking Sonar
Includes: Intrator, N. Intrator, N.[Nathan]
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Intrieri, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * Using Satellite Interferometry to Infer Landslide Sliding Surface Depth and Geometry

Intrigliolo, D.S.[Diego S.] Co Author Listing * Combining Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Satellite Images for Improving Evapotranspiration Estimates of Citrus Orchards
* Use of remote sensing and geographic information tools for irrigation management of citrus trees
Includes: Intrigliolo, D.S.[Diego S.] Intrigliolo, D.S.

Intriligator, M.D. Co Author Listing * Patterns of macroeconomic indicators preceding the unemployment rise in Western Europe and the USA

Intrman, A.[Amornrat] Co Author Listing * Towards an Operational SAR-Based Rice Monitoring System in Asia: Examples from 13 Demonstration Sites across Asia in the RIICE Project

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