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Iida, I. Co Author Listing * Special Issue on Multimedia on Demand: Foreword

Iida, K.[Kazuhisa] Co Author Listing * Automatic omni-directional, high-speed, pan-tilt platform
* Image Identification of Encrypted JPEG Images for Privacy-Preserving Photo Sharing Services
* Image Identification Scheme of Encrypted JPEG Images for Privacy-Preserving Photo Sharing Services, An
* Image Manipulation Specifications on Social Networking Services for Encryption-then-Compression Systems
* Robust Image Identification with DC Coefficients for Double-Compressed JPEG Images
* Robust image identification with secure features for JPEG images
* Robust Image Identification without Visible Information for JPEG Images
Includes: Iida, K.[Kazuhisa] Iida, K.[Kenta]
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Iida, M.[Michihisa] Co Author Listing * Application of Color Featuring and Deep Learning in Maize Plant Detection
* Classification-Reconstruction Learning for Open-Set Recognition
* Construction of a bird image dataset for ecological investigations
* Cross-Connected Networks for Multi-Task Learning of Detection and Segmentation
* Detection of small birds in large images by combining a deep detector with semantic segmentation
* Eye tracking image pickup apparatus for separating noise from feature portions
Includes: Iida, M.[Michihisa] Iida, M.[Makoto] Iida, M. Iida, M.[Muneo]

Iida, T.[Tsumugi] Co Author Listing * Flare Transformer: Solar Flare Prediction Using Magnetograms and Sunspot Physical Features
* Identification of JPEG 2000 images in encrypted domain for digital cinema
* Real-Time X-Ray Inspection of 3D Defects in Circuit Board Patterns
* System for PCB Automated Inspection Using Fluorescent Light, A
* Visual Explanation Generation Based on Lambda Attention Branch Networks
Includes: Iida, T.[Tsumugi] Iida, T.[Tomonori] Iida, T.[Tadashi] Iida, T.

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