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Igual, F.D.[Francisco D.] Co Author Listing * Portability Study of an OpenCL Algorithm for Automatic Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images
* Speeding up the log-polar transform with inexpensive parallel hardware: graphics units and multi-core architectures

Igual, I.S. Co Author Listing * Preprocessing and recognition of characters in container codes

Igual, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * general procedure for learning mixtures of independent component analyzers, A
* maximum a posteriori estimate for the source separation problem with statistical knowledge about the mixing matrix, A

Igual, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Aligning endoluminal scene sequences in wireless capsule endoscopy
* Automatic Internal Segmentation of Caudate Nucleus for Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
* Continuous Generalized Procrustes analysis
* Continuous procrustes analysis to learn 2D shape models from 3D objects
* Contrast Invariant Approach to Motion Estimation, A
* Depth Information in Human Gait Analysis: An Experimental Study on Gender Recognition
* Diagnostic System for Intestinal Motility Disfunctions Using Video Capsule Endoscopy
* Eigenmotion-Based Detection of Intestinal Contractions
* FADR: Functional-Anatomical Discriminative Regions for Rest fMRI Characterization
* Gesture Recognition System for Detecting Behavioral Patterns of ADHD, A
* Image Segmentation With Cage Active Contours
* Label Consistent Multiclass Discriminative Dictionary Learning for MRI Segmentation
* Level Lines Selection with Variational Models for Segmentation and Encoding
* Robust gait-based gender classification using depth cameras
* Semi-supervised Learning Method for Motility Disease Diagnostic, A
* Subspace Procrustes Analysis
* Subspace Procrustes Analysis
* Variational Model for P+XS Image Fusion, A
Includes: Igual, L.[Laura] Igual, L.
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Igual, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive tracking algorithms to improve the use of computing resources
* Gaussian Approximation for Tracking Occluding and Interacting Targets
* Multi-target tracking with occlusion management in a mean field framework
* Occlusion Management in Sequential Mean Field Monte Carlo Methods
Includes: Igual, R. Igual, R.[Raśl]

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