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Iglesias Arias, A.[Alvaro] Co Author Listing * Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Iglesias Arias, A.[Alvaro] Iglesias-Arias, Á.[Álvaro]

Iglesias Cofan, S.[Santiago] Co Author Listing * Guided thinning
Includes: Iglesias Cofan, S.[Santiago] Iglesias-Cofán, S.[Santiago]

Iglesias Guitian, J.A.[Jose Antonio] Co Author Listing * real-time coarse-to-fine multiview capture system for all-in-focus rendering on a light-field display, A
* Variable Rate Deep Image Compression With Modulated Autoencoder
Includes: Iglesias Guitian, J.A.[Jose Antonio] Iglesias Guitián, J.A.[José A.]

Iglesias Ham, M.[Mabel] Co Author Listing * Invariant Representative Cocycles of Cohomology Generators Using Irregular Graph Pyramids
* Irregular Graph Pyramids and Representative Cocycles of Cohomology Generators
Includes: Iglesias Ham, M.[Mabel] Iglesias-Ham, M.[Mabel]

Iglesias Martinez, M.E.[Miguel Enrique] Co Author Listing * Detection of Periodic Signals in Noise Based on Higher-Order Statistics Joined to Convolution Process and Spectral Analysis
Includes: Iglesias Martinez, M.E.[Miguel Enrique] Iglesias Martínez, M.E.[Miguel Enrique]

Iglesias Picazo, P. Co Author Listing * Close-range Photogrammetry Practice: Graphic Documentation of The Interior of The Walls of Avila (Spain)

Iglesias Prieto, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Coral Bleaching Using Temperature and Light: Progress towards an Operational Algorithm
Includes: Iglesias Prieto, R.[Roberto] Iglesias-Prieto, R.[Roberto]

Iglesias, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Extending the Evaluation of Social Assistive Robots With Accessibility Indicators: The AUSUS Evaluation Framework
* Hybridizing mesh adaptive search algorithm and artificial immune systems for discrete rational Bézier curve approximation
* Preface to the special issue on Cyberworlds 2014
* Unsupervised Trajectory Modelling Using Temporal Information via Minimal Paths
Includes: Iglesias, A.[Ana] Iglesias, A.[Andrés] Iglesias, A.

Iglesias, C.A. Co Author Listing * MixedEmotions: An Open-Source Toolbox for Multimodal Emotion Analysis

Iglesias, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Temporal Responses to Temperature and Precipitation in Arid Rangelands

Iglesias, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Absolute Cluster Validity
Includes: Iglesias, F.[Felix] Iglesias, F.[Félix]

Iglesias, F.S.[Florencia Soledad] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Keypoint Descriptors for Gender Recognition

Iglesias, G. Co Author Listing * Piecewise Surface Flattening for Non-Distorted Texture Mapping

Iglesias, J. Co Author Listing * Robust and Accurate Segmentation of Iris Images Using Optimal Partitioning, A

Iglesias, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * Schrödinger Diffusion for Shape Analysis with Texture

Iglesias, J.E.[Juan Eugenio] Co Author Listing * Generative Model for Probabilistic Label Fusion of Multimodal Data, A
* NeSVoR: Implicit Neural Representation for Slice-to-Volume Reconstruction in MRI
* Part-to-Whole Registration of Histology and MRI Using Shape Elements
* Pictorial multi-atlas segmentation of brain MRI
* Robust Brain Extraction Across Datasets and Comparison With Publicly Available Methods
* Robust Initial Detection of Landmarks in Film-Screen Mammograms Using Multiple FFDM Atlases
* SynthMorph: Learning Contrast-Invariant Registration Without Acquired Images
* Uncertainty-Aware Annotation Protocol to Evaluate Deformable Registration Algorithms
Includes: Iglesias, J.E.[Juan Eugenio] Iglesias, J.E.
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Iglesias, J.P.[Jose Pedro] Co Author Listing * Accurate Optimization of Weighted Nuclear Norm for Non-rigid Structure from Motion
* Bilinear Parameterization for Non-Separable Singular Value Penalties
* Global Optimality for Point Set Registration Using Semidefinite Programming
* Radial Distortion Invariant Factorization for Structure from Motion
* Unified Model for Line Projections in Catadioptric Cameras with Rotationally Symmetric Mirrors, A
Includes: Iglesias, J.P.[Jose Pedro] Iglesias, J.P.[José Pedro] Iglesias, J.P.

Iglesias, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Framework for 3D Point Cloud Modelling Aimed at Road Sight Distance Estimations
* Using Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in 3D Modeling of Highways with Tree-Covered Roadsides to Estimate Sight Distance

Iglesias, M.[Mabel] Co Author Listing * Delineating Homology Generators in Graph Pyramids
* Qualitative Screening Method for Impact Assessment of Uncertain Building Geometry on Thermal Energy Demand Predictions
* Tracking environmental impacts and habitat fragmentation on coastal protected areas through object oriented analysis. Identification and categorization of linear disturbances in Corrubedo Natural Park (NW Iberian Peninsula)
Includes: Iglesias, M.[Mabel] Iglesias, M.

Iglesias, M.A.[Maria A.] Co Author Listing * Spatially Constrained Deep Learning Approach for Myocardial T1 Mapping
Includes: Iglesias, M.A.[Maria A.] Iglesias, M.A.[María A.]

Iglesias, R. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Phase Screen Compensation in Ground-Based SAR With a Multiple-Regression Model Over Mountainous Regions
* Canonical Views for Scene Recognition in Mobile Robotics
* Dataset bias exposed in face verification
* DInSAR Pixel Selection Based on Sublook Spectral Correlation Along Time
* Gesture-based interaction with voice feedback for a tour-guide robot
* Landslide Monitoring Using Multi-Temporal SAR Interferometry with Advanced Persistent Scatterers Identification Methods and Super High-Spatial Resolution TerraSAR-X Images
* Phase Quality Optimization in Polarimetric Differential SAR Interferometry
* PSI Deformation Map Retrieval by Means of Temporal Sublook Coherence on Reduced Sets of SAR Images
* Scene Recognition Invariant to Symmetrical Reflections and Illumination Conditions in Robotics
* Suitability Assessment of X-Band Satellite SAR Data for Geotechnical Monitoring of Site Scale Slow Moving Landslides
Includes: Iglesias, R. Iglesias, R.[Roberto] Iglesias, R.[Rubén]
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