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Hyun Kim, D.[Do] Co Author Listing * Finite state machine for vehicle detection in highway surveillance systems

Hyun, C.U. Co Author Listing * Assessment of hydrogen fluoride damage to vegetation using optical remote sensing data
* Evaluation of Matching Costs for High-Quality Sea-Ice Surface Reconstruction from Aerial Images
* Feasibility Study of Sea Ice Motion and Deformation Measurements Using Multi-Sensor High-Resolution Optical Satellite Images, A
Includes: Hyun, C.U. Hyun, C.U.[Chang-Uk]

Hyun, D. Co Author Listing * Improved Sensitivity in Ultrasound Molecular Imaging With Coherence-Based Beamforming

Hyun, D.K.[Dai Kyung] Co Author Listing * Detecting Re-captured Videos Using Shot-Based Photo Response Non-Uniformity
* Fingerprint-PKI authentication using Zernike moments
* Recaptured video detection based on sensor pattern noise
Includes: Hyun, D.K.[Dai Kyung] Hyun, D.K.[Dai-Kyung]

Hyun, D.Y.[Dae Young] Co Author Listing * Efficient macroblock ordering for chrominance planes in rich color image compression
* Image and video colorization based on prioritized source propagation
* Region-based backlight compensation algorithm for images and videos
Includes: Hyun, D.Y.[Dae Young] Hyun, D.Y.[Dae-Young]

Hyun, J.I.[Jung Il] Co Author Listing * Fast text line detection by finding linear connected components on Canny edge image
* Study on performance of MPEG-7 visual descriptors for deformable object retrieval

Hyun, K.[Kwangik] Co Author Listing * View planning for verification using machine vision

Hyun, K.H. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Relaxation Algorithm of Range Images Using Surface Curvatures

Hyun, M.H.[Myung Han] Co Author Listing * Multi-View Image Matting and Compositing Using Trimap Sharing for Natural 3-D Scene Generation
* Multi-View Video and Multi-Channel Audio Broadcasting System
* Multiview foreground extraction and composition to multiview background using trimap sharing for natural 3D scene generation
Includes: Hyun, M.H.[Myung Han] Hyun, M.H.[Myung-Han]

Hyun, O.S.[Oh Se] Co Author Listing * Interest Point Selection with Spatio-temporal Context for Realistic Action Recognition

Hyun, S. Co Author Listing * Markov Random Field Model of Subjective Contour Perception, A

Hyung, W.J.[Woo Jin] Co Author Listing * 3D Active Vessel Tracking Using an Elliptical Prior

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