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Hovi, A.[Aarne] Co Author Listing * Area-Based Snow Damage Classification of Forest Canopies Using Bi-Temporal Lidar Data
* Backscattering of Individual LIDAR Pulses from Forest Canopies Explained by Photogrammetrically Derived Vegetation Structure
* Empirical validation of photon recollision probability in single crowns of tree seedlings
* Evaluation of Accuracy and Practical Applicability of Methods for Measuring Leaf Reflectance and Transmittance Spectra
* Mapping understory trees using airborne discrete-return LiDAR data
* Real and Simulated Waveform Recording LIDAR Data in Boreal Juvenile Forest Vegetation
* Spectral Properties of Coniferous Forests: A Review of In Situ and Laboratory Measurements
* Tree species classification using within crown localization of waveform LiDAR attributes
Includes: Hovi, A.[Aarne] Hovi, A.
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Hovi, J.[Juha] Co Author Listing * Explanatory Rule Generation for Advanced Driver Assistant Systems

Hovig, I.[Ingvil] Co Author Listing * Consequences of pixel precision for compression rate and measurement
* Reversible compression of MR images
Includes: Hovig, I.[Ingvil] Hovig, I.

Hoving, I.[Idse] Co Author Listing * Dry Matter Yield and Nitrogen Content Estimation in Grassland Using Hyperspectral Sensor
* Retrieval of Crude Protein in Perennial Ryegrass Using Spectral Data at the Canopy Level

Hovis, C.[Ciara] Co Author Listing * Finer Classification of Crops by Fusing UAV Images and Sentinel-2A Data
* In-Season Crop Mapping with GF-1/WFV Data by Combining Object-Based Image Analysis and Random Forest

Hovis, J.K.[Jeffery K.] Co Author Listing * Hypoxia, color vision deficiencies, and blood oxygen saturation
* Representing the Color Aspect of Texture Images
Includes: Hovis, J.K.[Jeffery K.] Hovis, J.K.

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