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Hidai, K. Co Author Listing * Successive Learning of Linear Discriminant Analysis: Sanger-type Algorithm

Hidai, Y.[Yutaka] Co Author Listing * Method and device for handwritten letter recognition
* Online recognition of freely handwritten Japanese characters using directional feature densities
* Stroke Re-Ordering Algorithm for On-Line Handwritten Character Recognition
Includes: Hidai, Y.[Yutaka] Hidai, Y.

Hidaka, A.[Akinori] Co Author Listing * Classification of Spectators' State in Video Sequences by Voting of Facial Expressions and Face Directions
* Face Tracking by Maximizing Classification Score of Face Detector Based on Rectangle Features
* Non-Neighboring Rectangular Feature selection using Particle Swarm Optimization
* Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis Based on Probability Estimation by Gaussian Mixture Model
* Object Tracking by Maximizing Classification Score of Detector Based on Rectangle Features
* Principal Component Analysis of Multi-view Images for Viewpoint-Independent Face Recognition
* Sparse Discriminant Analysis Based on the Bayesian Posterior Probability Obtained by L1 Regression
Includes: Hidaka, A.[Akinori] Hidaka, A.
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Hidaka, D. Co Author Listing * Detection of Eyes from Human Faces by Hough Transform and Separability Filter
* Reflective and Fluorescent Separation Under Narrow-Band Illumination
* Robust Extraction of Eyes from Face
Includes: Hidaka, D. Hidaka, D.[Daichi] Hidaka, D.[Daisuke]

Hidaka, H. Co Author Listing * Pro-Cam SSfM: Projector-Camera System for Structure and Spectral Reflectance From Motion

Hidaka, M.[Masatoshi] Co Author Listing * Three Guidelines of Online Learning for Large-Scale Visual Recognition

Hidaka, N. Co Author Listing * Creating Product Models from Point Cloud of Civil Structures Based on Geometric Similarity

Hidaka, T.[Tsuneyoshi] Co Author Listing * ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29/WG11; Report on MPEG-2 subjective assessment at Kurihama
* Subjective assessment of redundancy-reduced moving images for interactive application: Test methodology and report

Hidalgo Carrio, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Data-Efficient Collaborative Decentralized Thermal-Inertial Odometry
* Event-aided Direct Sparse Odometry
* Learning Monocular Dense Depth from Events
* Video to Events: Recycling Video Datasets for Event Cameras
Includes: Hidalgo Carrio, J.[Javier] Hidalgo-Carrió, J.[Javier] Hidalgo-Carrió, J.

Hidalgo Fort, E. Co Author Listing * Subsampling OFDM-Based Ultrasonic Data Communication Through Metallic Channels for Monitoring of Cargo Containers

Hidalgo Gavira, N. Co Author Listing * Blind Color Deconvolution of Histopathological Images Using a Variational Bayesian Approach
* Variational Bayesian Blind Color Deconvolution of Histopathological Images
Includes: Hidalgo Gavira, N. Hidalgo-Gavira, N.

Hidalgo Silva, H.[Hugo] Co Author Listing * Gabor Kernels for Textured Image Representation and Classification
Includes: Hidalgo Silva, H.[Hugo] Hidalgo-Silva, H.[Hugo]

Hidalgo Sotelo, B. Co Author Listing * Human Learning of Contextual Priors for Object Search: Where does the time go?
Includes: Hidalgo Sotelo, B. Hidalgo-Sotelo, B.

Hidalgo, C.[Camen] Co Author Listing * Geophysical Prospecting Using ERT and IP Techniques to Locate Galena Veins
* Streetscore: Predicting the Perceived Safety of One Million Streetscapes
Includes: Hidalgo, C.[Camen] Hidalgo, C.[Cesar]

Hidalgo, C.A.[Cesar A.] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning the City: Quantifying Urban Perception at a Global Scale
Includes: Hidalgo, C.A.[Cesar A.] Hidalgo, C.A.[César A.]

Hidalgo, G.[Gines] Co Author Listing * Efficient Online Multi-Person 2D Pose Tracking With Recurrent Spatio-Temporal Affinity Fields
* OpenPose: Realtime Multi-Person 2D Pose Estimation Using Part Affinity Fields
* Realtime Multi-person 2D Pose Estimation Using Part Affinity Fields

Hidalgo, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Enhancement and Cleaning of Handwritten Data by Using Neural Networks
Includes: Hidalgo, J.L.[Jose Luis] Hidalgo, J.L.[José Luis]

Hidalgo, J.R. Co Author Listing * Morphological tools for robust key region extraction and video shot modeling
* On the use of indexing metadata to improve the efficiency of video compression
* Robust segmentation and representation of foreground key-regions in video sequences
* Segmentation of Images via Scale-space Trees, The

Hidalgo, M.C.[Mari Carmen] Co Author Listing * Processing GPR Surveys in Civil Engineering to Locate Buried Structures in Highly Conductive Subsoils

Hidalgo, M.G.[Manuel Gonzalez] Co Author Listing * Upper Body Tracking for Interactive Applications
Includes: Hidalgo, M.G.[Manuel Gonzalez] Hidalgo, M.G.[Manuel González]

Hidalgo, S.[Silvana] Co Author Listing * VIGIA: A Thermal and Visible Imagery System to Track Volcanic Explosions

Hidalgo, V. Co Author Listing * Using NASA'S Long Term Data Record version 3 for the monitoring of land surface vegetation

Hidane, M. Co Author Listing * Graph signal decomposition for multi-scale detail manipulation
* Hierarchical Representation of Discrete Data on Graphs
* Image Zoom Completion
* Nonlinear Multilayered Representation of Graph-Signals
* Nonlocal Multiscale Hierarchical Decomposition on Graphs
* scale-space based hierarchical representation of discrete data, A
* Spatio-spectral deconvolution of vector valued images using total nuclear variation
* Super-resolution from a low- and partial high-resolution image pair
* Unbalanced Optimal Transport in Multi-camera Tracking Applications
Includes: Hidane, M. Hidane, M.[Moncef]
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Hidano, S.[Seira] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of wolf attack for classified target on speaker verification systems
* metric of identification performance of biometrics based on information content, A
* On biometric encryption using fingerprint and it's security evaluation
Includes: Hidano, S.[Seira] Hidano, S.

Hidayat, D. Co Author Listing * Flooded Area Extraction of Rice Paddy Field in Indonesia Using Sentinel-1 Sar Data

Hidayat, R.[Ray] Co Author Listing * Real-time texture boundary detection from ridges in the standard deviation space
* Texture-suppressing edge detection in real-time

Hidayat, S.[Sarip] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Analysis for Sago Palm Classification: The Most Important Features from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Hidayati, S.[Sabitul] Co Author Listing * Whirl Wind Detection And Identification In Indonesia Utilizing Single Polarization Doppler Weather Radar Volumetric Data

Hidayati, S.C.[Shintami C.] Co Author Listing * comparative study of data fusion for RGB-D based visual recognition, A
* Context-aware joint dictionary learning for color image demosaicking
* Dress With Style: Learning Style From Joint Deep Embedding of Clothing Styles and Body Shapes
* Fashion Meets Computer Vision: A Survey
* Learning and Recognition of Clothing Genres From Full-Body Images
* Locality Constrained Sparse Representation for Cat Recognition
* Who's the Best Charades Player? Mining Iconic Movement of Semantic Concepts
Includes: Hidayati, S.C.[Shintami C.] Hidayati, S.C.[Shintami Chusnul] Hidayati, S.C.
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Hidayatullah, P. Co Author Listing * CAMSHIFT improvement on multi-hue object and multi-object tracking

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