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Hafiane, A.[Adel] Co Author Listing * 3D Femur Reconstruction Using X-Ray Stereo Pairs
* 3D reconstruction method of the proximal femur and shape correction
* 3D Reconstruction of the proximal femur shape from few pairs of x-ray radiographs
* Adaptive Median Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
* Automating GIS Image Retrieval Based on MCM
* Clustering initiated multiphase active contours and robust separation of nuclei groups for tissue segmentation
* Computer Vision, IoT and Data Fusion for Crop Disease Detection Using Machine Learning: A Survey and Ongoing Research
* Deep Learning with Unsupervised Data Labeling for Weed Detection in Line Crops in UAV Images
* Deep Transfer Learning Models for Tomato Disease Detection
* FCM with Spatial and Multiresolution Constraints for Image Segmentation
* Fire scene segmentations for forest fire characterization: A comparative study
* Fuzzy Clustering and Active Contours for Histopathology Image Segmentation and Nuclei Detection
* Generative-Model-Based Data Labeling for Deep Network Regression: Application to Seed Maturity Estimation from UAV Multispectral Images
* HEp-2 cell classification and segmentation using motif texture patterns and spatial features with random forests
* Integrating segmentation with deep learning for enhanced classification of epithelial and stromal tissues in H&E images
* Joint Adaptive Median Binary Patterns for texture classification
* Learning Local and Deep Features for Efficient Cell Image Classification Using Random Forests
* Local Relational String for Textures Classification
* Median Binary Pattern for Textures Classification
* Merged 1D-2D Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Nerve Detection in Ultrasound Images
* Modified FCM with Optimal Peano Scans for Image Segmentation, A
* Nerve Detection in Ultrasound Images Using Median Gabor Binary Pattern
* Nerve Localization by Machine Learning Framework with New Feature Selection Algorithm
* New Supervised Evaluation Criterion for Region Based Segmentation Methods, A
* On the Evaluation of Segmentation Methods for Wildland Fire
* On-line learning dynamic models for nerve detection in ultrasound videos
* Region-based CBIR in GIS with local space filling curves to spatial representation
* Robust Adaptive Median Binary Pattern for Noisy Texture Classification and Retrieval
* Rotationally Invariant Hashing of Median Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
* Texture characterization using local binary pattern and wavelets. Application to bone radiographs
* Trabecular Bone Anisotropy Characterization Using 1D Local Binary Patterns
* Transformer Neural Network for Weed and Crop Classification of High Resolution UAV Images
* Ultrasound median nerve localization by classification based on despeckle filtering and feature selection
* VddNet: Vine Disease Detection Network Based on Multispectral Images and Depth Map
* Vine Disease Detection by Deep Learning Method Combined with 3d Depth Information
* Weeds detection in UAV imagery using SLIC and the hough transform
Includes: Hafiane, A.[Adel] Hafiane, A.
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Hafiane, R.[Rachid] Co Author Listing * Incremental Embedding Within a Dissimilarity-Based Framework

Hafid, A. Co Author Listing * DMAP: Density Map Service in City Environments
* Dynamic Hierarchical Aggregation for Vehicular Sensing
* Performance Analysis and Enhancement of WAVE for V2V Non-Safety Applications
* Reliable Emergency Message Dissemination Scheme for Urban Vehicular Networks
* SCRP: Stable CDS-Based Routing Protocol for Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Hafid, M.A. Co Author Listing * Assessing OpenStreetMap Urban Network of Oran City

Hafidhi, M.M. Co Author Listing * Demo: Localisation in a faulty digital GPS receiver
* Reducing the impact of internal upsets inside the correlation process in GPS Receivers
* Reliable NCO carrier generators for GPS receivers

Hafidzi, N.A. Co Author Listing * Assessing Sustainability Level From Social Aspects for Affordable Housing in Malaysia Using Spatial Indicators

Hafiene, Y.[Yosra] Co Author Listing * Continuum Limits of Nonlocal p-Laplacian Variational Problems on Graphs

Hafiz, A.M.[Abdul Mueed] Co Author Listing * survey on instance segmentation: state of the art, A

Hafiz, A.R. Co Author Listing * Efficient neural network training using curvelet features

Hafiz, F.[Faizal] Co Author Listing * two-dimensional (2-D) learning framework for Particle Swarm based feature selection, A

Hafiz, R.[Rehan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Reference Selection for Parametric Color Correction Schemes for Panoramic Video Stitching
* Distribution regularized self-supervised learning for domain adaptation of semantic segmentation
* Hardware/Software Co-design of Embedded Real-Time KD-Tree Based Feature Matching Systems
* Projection on Suitable Sub-surface Selected in Indoor Environment
* Quantitative quality assessment of stitched panoramic images
* Stabilization of panoramic videos from mobile multi-camera platforms
Includes: Hafiz, R.[Rehan] Hafiz, R.

Hafizovic, I. Co Author Listing * Multi-speaker voice activity detection using a camera-assisted microphone array

Hafizt, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Dark target effectiveness for dark-object subtraction atmospheric correction method on mangrove above-ground carbon stock mapping

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