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Gwak, D.[Donghyuk] Co Author Listing * Novel Digital Cancelation Method in Presence of Harmonic Self-Interference

Gwak, I.Y.[In Youb] Co Author Listing * Oblique aerial image matching based on iterative simulation and homography evaluation
Includes: Gwak, I.Y.[In Youb] Gwak, I.Y.[In-Youb]

Gwak, J.[JunYoung] Co Author Listing * 3D-R2N2: A Unified Approach for Single and Multi-view 3D Object Reconstruction
* Completing 3D object shape from one depth image
* Configuration of a min-cost flow network for data association in multi-object tracking
* DeformNet: Free-Form Deformation Network for 3D Shape Reconstruction from a Single Image
* framework for automatically constructing a dataset for training a vehicle detector, A
* Generalized Intersection Over Union: A Metric and a Loss for Bounding Box Regression
* Multi-object tracking through learning relational appearance features and motion patterns
Includes: Gwak, J.[JunYoung] Gwak, J.[Jun_Young] Gwak, J.[Jeonghwan] Gwak, J.
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Gwak, J.Y.[Jun Young] Co Author Listing * 4D Spatio-Temporal ConvNets: Minkowski Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Gwak, J.Y.[Jun Young] Gwak, J.Y.[Jun-Young]

Gwak, M.[Moonsung] Co Author Listing * Non-stationary deep network for restoration of non-Stationary lens blur

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