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Gribaudi, M.[Maurizio] Co Author Listing * Historical Collaborative Geocoding

Gribben, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Accurate Vegetation and Non-Vegetation Differentiation Approach Based on Land Cover Classification, An
* Converting Optical Videos to Infrared Videos Using Attention GAN and Its Impact on Target Detection and Classification Performance
* Improving Land Cover Classification Using Extended Multi-Attribute Profiles (EMAP) Enhanced Color, Near Infrared, and LiDAR Data

Gribben, H. Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation of Low-Light Level Imagery using Poisson MAP-MRF Labelling
* Improved Elastic Registration of Low-Contrast Fluorescent Microscopy Images Using the Behaviour of Local Similarity
* Poisson Kalman Particle Filtering for Tracking Centrosomes in Low-Light 3-D Confocal Image Sequences
Includes: Gribben, H. Gribben, H.[Hugh]

Gribble, C. Co Author Listing * Depth data assisted structure-from-motion parameter optimization and feature track correction

Gribble, W.S. Co Author Listing * Slow Visual Search in a Fast-Changing World

Gribbons, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Automated cross-sensor registration, orthorectification and geopositioning using LIDAR digital elevation models

Gribel, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Assortative-Constrained Stochastic Block Models
* HG-means: A scalable hybrid genetic algorithm for minimum sum-of-squares clustering

Gribenko, A.V.[Alexander V.] Co Author Listing * Integral Electric Current Method in 3-D Electromagnetic Modeling for Large Conductivity Contrast

Gribok, A.V. Co Author Listing * Estimating Illumination Chromaticity via Kernel Regression
* Fusion of Visible and Infrared Images using Empirical Mode Decomposition to Improve Face Recognition
* Image Fusion and Enhancement via Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Improving Weapon Detection in Single Energy X-Ray Images Through Pseudocoloring
* Outlier rejection by oriented tracks to aid pose estimation from video
* Screener Evaluation of Pseudo-Colored Single Energy X-ray Luggage Images
* Shape Measure for Identifying Perceptually Informative Parts of 3D Objects
* Supershape Recovery from 3D Data Sets
Includes: Gribok, A.V. Gribok, A.V.[Andrei V.]
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Gribonval, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Approximate Search with Quantized Sparse Representations
* Blind Audiovisual Source Separation Based on Sparse Redundant Representations
* Blind Audiovisual Source Separation using Sparse Representations
* Brain-Source Imaging: From sparse to tensor models
* Characterization of Proximity Operators, A
* Explicit Embeddings for Nearest Neighbor Search with Mercer Kernels
* From Blind to Guided Audio Source Separation: How models and side information can improve the separation of sound
* Learning a Complete Image Indexing Pipeline
* Learning Multimodal Dictionaries
* Sparse decompositions in incoherent dictionaries
* SuBiC: A Supervised, Structured Binary Code for Image Search
Includes: Gribonval, R.[Remi] Gribonval, R.[Rémi] Gribonval, R.
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Gribov, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Approximation of a Polyline with a Sequence of Geometric Primitives
* Closing Gaps of Discontinuous Lines: A New Criterion for Choosing the Best Prolongation
* Pattern recognition approach to identify natural clusters of acoustic emission signals
* Reconstruction of Orthogonal Polygonal Lines
* Vectorization with the voronoi L-diagram
Includes: Gribov, A.[Alexander] Gribov, A.

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