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Goh, A.[Alvina] Co Author Listing * Algebraic Methods for Direct and Feature Based Registration of Diffusion Tensor Images
* Biohashing: Two factor authentication featuring fingerprint data and tokenised random number
* Biometric Hash: High-Confidence Face Recognition
* Clustering and dimensionality reduction on Riemannian manifolds
* Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping of High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging Based on Riemannian Structure of Orientation Distribution Functions
* Eigenspace-Based Face Hashing
* Generation of Replaceable Cryptographic Keys from Dynamic Handwritten Signatures
* Integrated Dual Factor Authenticator Based on the Face Data and Tokenised Random Number, An
* nonparametric Riemannian framework for processing high angular resolution diffusion images (HARDI), A
* Random Multispace Quantization as an Analytic Mechanism for BioHashing of Biometric and Random Identity Inputs
* Segmenting Fiber Bundles in Diffusion Tensor Images
* Segmenting Motions of Different Types by Unsupervised Manifold Clustering
Includes: Goh, A.[Alvina] Goh, A.[Alwyn] Goh, A.
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Goh, A.S. Co Author Listing * Polarimetric Calibration of Circularly Polarized Synthetic Aperture Radar Data

Goh, C.[Cindy] Co Author Listing * Risk Assessment Methodologies for Autonomous Driving: A Survey

Goh, C.H.[Cher Hiang] Co Author Listing * Event-Triggered Coordination for Formation Tracking Control in Constrained Space With Limited Communication
Includes: Goh, C.H.[Cher Hiang] Goh, C.H.[Cher-Hiang]

Goh, C.K. Co Author Listing * Constrained Deep Neural Network for Ordinal Regression, A
* fast sparse reconstruction approach for high resolution image-based object surface anomaly detection, A
* PolarViz: a discriminating visualization and visual analytics tool for high-dimensional data
Includes: Goh, C.K. Goh, C.K.[Chi Keong]

Goh, C.L.[Chooi Ling] Co Author Listing * Sensor-Based Data Visualization System for Training Blood Pressure Measurement by Auscultatory Method, A
Includes: Goh, C.L.[Chooi Ling] Goh, C.L.[Chooi-Ling]

Goh, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Patterns in Large-Scale Traffic Speed Prediction

Goh, E.[Edwin] Co Author Listing * Improving Contrastive Learning on Visually Homogeneous Mars Rover Images
* Mixed-Domain Training Improves Multi-Mission Terrain Segmentation

Goh, G.B. Co Author Listing * How Much Chemistry Does a Deep Neural Network Need to Know to Make Accurate Predictions?

Goh, G.S.W.[Gary S. W.] Co Author Listing * Understanding Integrated Gradients with SmoothTaylor for Deep Neural Network Attribution

Goh, H. Co Author Listing * Direct Estimation of Optical Parameters From Photoacoustic Time Series in Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography
* Measuring Traffic Congestion with Novel Metrics: A Case Study of Six U.S. Metropolitan Areas
Includes: Goh, H. Goh, H.[Hyewon]

Goh, H.A.[Hock Ann] Co Author Listing * Translation and Scale Invariants of Hahn Moments
Includes: Goh, H.A.[Hock Ann] Goh, H.A.[Hock-Ann]

Goh, H.C.[Hong Ching] Co Author Listing * Satellite Images for Monitoring Mangrove Cover Changes in a Fast Growing Economic Region in Southern Peninsular Malaysia

Goh, H.H.[Hui Hwang] Co Author Listing * Identification and Counting of Sugarcane Seedlings in the Field Using Improved Faster R-CNN
Includes: Goh, H.H.[Hui Hwang] Goh, H.H.[Hui-Hwang]

Goh, H.K.[Hai Kiat] Co Author Listing * VisionGo: bridging users and multimedia video retrieval
Includes: Goh, H.K.[Hai Kiat] Goh, H.K.[Hai-Kiat]

Goh, H.L.[Han Lin] Co Author Listing * Boosting descriptors condensed from video sequences for place recognition
* Co-regularized deep representations for video summarization
* Co-sparsity regularized deep hashing for image instance retrieval
* Exact integral images at generic angles for 2D barcode detection
* Learning invariant color features with sparse topographic restricted Boltzmann machines
* Understanding the Nature of First-Person Videos: Characterization and Classification Using Low-Level Features
* Unsupervised and Supervised Visual Codes with Restricted Boltzmann Machines
Includes: Goh, H.L.[Han Lin] Goh, H.L.[Han-Lin]
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Goh, H.N.[Hui Ngo] Co Author Listing * Generating Aesthetic Based Critique for Photographs
* What Modality Matters? Exploiting Highly Relevant Features for Video Advertisement Insertion
Includes: Goh, H.N.[Hui Ngo] Goh, H.N.[Hui-Ngo]

Goh, I.N. Co Author Listing * Motion compensation for very low bit-rate video

Goh, J. Co Author Listing * Use of a Monte Carlo Markov Chain Method for Snow-Depth Retrievals: A Case Study Based on Airborne Microwave Observations and Emission Modeling Experiments of Tundra Snow, The

Goh, J.W.[Jun Wei] Co Author Listing * Role of Machine Learning in Game Development Domain: A Review of Current Trends and Future Directions, The

Goh, K.[Kingshy] Co Author Listing * CBSA: content-based soft annotation for multimodal image retrieval using bayes point machines
* Identifying Color in Motion in Video Sensors
* Real Time H.263 Video Codec Using Parallel DSP
* Statistical learning for effective visual information retrieval
Includes: Goh, K.[Kingshy] Goh, K.

Goh, K.G.[Kheng Guan] Co Author Listing * Effective Approach to Detect Lesions in Color Retinal Images, An

Goh, K.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Thresholding Technique for the Detection of All-Zeros Blocks in H. 264, An
* Multi-resolution based algorithms for low bit-rate image coding

Goh, K.L. Co Author Listing * Refined Algorithm for Multisensor Image Registration Based on Pixel Migration, A

Goh, K.M.[Kam Meng] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Rotational Feature Points Matching using Orientation Correction
* Image Multi-Thresholding to Characterise the Mechanical Stability of Rubber Latex Concentrate
* Micro-expression recognition: an updated review of current trends, challenges and solutions
Includes: Goh, K.M.[Kam Meng] Goh, K.M.

Goh, M.[Madeline] Co Author Listing * Bar Code Decoding in a Camera-Based Scanner: Analysis and Algorithm
* Illuminated face normalization technique by using wavelet fusion and local binary patterns
Includes: Goh, M.[Madeline] Goh, M.

Goh, M.J.S.[Michael Joon Seng] Co Author Listing * Outlier percentage estimation for shape- and parameter-independent outlier detection

Goh, M.K.O. Co Author Listing * Grassmannian Approach to Address View Change Problem in Gait Recognition, A

Goh, P. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Fingerspelling Recognition using Geometric and Motion Features

Goh, P.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Muscles of Mastication from Magnetic Resonance Images Using Prior Knowledge
* Medical Image Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering and Improved Watershed Algorithm
* Salient features useful for the accurate segmentation of masticatory muscles from minimum slices subsets of magnetic resonance images
* Template-based Automatic Segmentation of Masseter Using Prior Knowledge

Goh, R.[Rick] Co Author Listing * CRAFT: Cross-Attentional Flow Transformer for Robust Optical Flow

Goh, R.S.M.[Rick Siow Mong] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Semantic Hallucination for Domain Generalized Semantic Segmentation
* Big Data Driven Vessel Trajectory and Navigating State Prediction With Adaptive Learning, Motion Modeling and Particle Filtering Techniques
* Geometric Correspondence-Based Multimodal Learning for Ophthalmic Image Analysis
* Natural Language Video Localization: A Revisit in Span-Based Question Answering Framework
* Traffic Pattern Mining and Forecasting Technologies in Maritime Traffic Service Networks: A Comprehensive Survey
Includes: Goh, R.S.M.[Rick Siow Mong] Goh, R.S.M.

Goh, S.[Semoon] Co Author Listing * Object Detection Based on Gray Level Cooccurrence

Goh, S.C. Co Author Listing * Counting Minimal 18-Paths in 3D Digital Space
* Counting Minimal Paths in 3D Digital Geometry

Goh, S.L.[Siew Li] Co Author Listing * Multiple LREK Active Contours for Knee Meniscus Ultrasound Image Segmentation
Includes: Goh, S.L.[Siew Li] Goh, S.L.[Siew-Li]

Goh, S.S.[Say Song] Co Author Listing * Automated Microaneurysm Segmentation and Detection using Generalized Eigenvectors

Goh, S.Y.M.[S.Y. Matthew] Co Author Listing * Modeling 4D pathological changes by leveraging normative models

Goh, T.[Taeil] Co Author Listing * Robust detection of semantically equivalent visually dissimilar objects

Goh, T.W. Co Author Listing * Dress With Style: Learning Style From Joint Deep Embedding of Clothing Styles and Body Shapes

Goh, V.[Vicky] Co Author Listing * Self-Supervised Anomaly Detection from Anomalous Training Data via Iterative Latent Token Masking

Goh, W.[Weixun] Co Author Listing * Extended Spectral Regression for efficient scene recognition

Goh, W.B.[Wooi Boon] Co Author Listing * Interacting with Projected Media on Deformable Surfaces
* Model-Based Multiresolution Motion Estimation in Noisy Images
* motion-based visual interface for 3D visualization and robotic control applications, A
* multiresolution gradient vector field skeleton, The
* Parallel algorithms for 3D multi-level median filtering with motion compensation
* Part-Based Shape Recognition Using Gradient Vector Field Histograms
* Shape Description Using Gradient Vector Field Histograms
* Shape Descriptor for Shapes with Boundary Noise and Texture, A
* Strategies for Part-Based Shape Analysis Using Skeletons
* Strategies for shape matching using skeletons
* Structural and Textural Skeletons for Noisy Shapes
* Using CCD Moiré Pattern Analysis to Implement Pressure-Sensitive Touch Surfaces
Includes: Goh, W.B.[Wooi Boon] Goh, W.B.[Wooi-Boon] Goh, W.B.
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Goh, W.L.[Wang Ling] Co Author Listing * Bottom-Up Scene Text Detection with Markov Clustering Networks
* Learning Markov Clustering Networks for Scene Text Detection
* Towards Robust Curve Text Detection With Conditional Spatial Expansion

Goh, Y.Z. Co Author Listing * Illuminated face normalization technique by using wavelet fusion and local binary patterns

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