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Giry Fouquet, E.[Erwan] Co Author Listing * Fast estimation for robust supervised classification with mixture models

Giryes, R.[Raja] Co Author Listing * Baby steps towards few-shot learning with multiple semantics
* Back-Projection Based Fidelity Term for Ill-Posed Linear Inverse Problems
* Best Buddies Registration for Point Clouds
* Blind Visual Motif Removal From a Single Image
* Class-Aware Fully Convolutional Gaussian and Poisson Denoising
* Cluster with GANs
* Correction Filter for Single Image Super-Resolution: Robustifying Off-the-Shelf Deep Super-Resolvers
* Deep class-aware image denoising
* DeepBBS: Deep Best Buddies for Point Cloud Registration
* DeepISP: Toward Learning an End-to-End Image Processing Pipeline
* Detecting Adversarial Samples Using Influence Functions and Nearest Neighbors
* Detector-Free Weakly Supervised Grounding by Separation
* Face Authentication From Grayscale Coded Light Field
* Fine-grained Angular Contrastive Learning with Coarse Labels
* FLEX: Extrinsic Parameters-free Multi-View 3D Human Motion Reconstruction
* Function Space Analysis of Finite Neural Networks With Insights From Sampling Theory, A
* Greedy Approach to Ll_(0,inf)-Based Convolutional Sparse Coding, A
* Image Restoration by Deep Projected GSURE
* Image Restoration by Iterative Denoising and Backward Projections
* Improving DNN Robustness to Adversarial Attacks Using Jacobian Regularization
* Interpretation of Regularization by Denoising and Its Application with the Back-Projected Fidelity Term, An
* Iterative Denoising and Backwards Projections Method and its Advantages for Blind Deblurring, An
* LaSO: Label-Set Operations Networks for Multi-Label Few-Shot Learning
* Latent-NeRF for Shape-Guided Generation of 3D Shapes and Textures
* Lautum Regularization for Semi-Supervised Transfer Learning
* MetAdapt: Meta-learned task-adaptive architecture for few-shot classification
* MISS GAN: A Multi-IlluStrator style generative adversarial network for image to illustration translation
* On the Convergence Rate of Projected Gradient Descent for a Back-Projection Based Objective
* Physics-Driven Machine Learning for Computational Imaging: Part 2
* PointGMM: A Neural GMM Network for Point Clouds
* Poisson inverse problems by the Plug-and-Play scheme
* Postprocessing of Compressed Images via Sequential Denoising
* RepMet: Representative-Based Metric Learning for Classification and Few-Shot Object Detection
* Self Supervised StyleGAN for Image Annotation and Classification With Extremely Limited Labels, A
* Set-the-Scene: Global-Local Training for Generating Controllable NeRF Scenes
* Sparsity Based Methods for Overparameterized Variational Problems
* Sparsity based poisson inpainting
* Sparsity-Based Poisson Denoising With Dictionary Learning
* Super-Resolution via Image-Adapted Denoising CNNs: Incorporating External and Internal Learning
* Supervised and Unsupervised Learning of Parameterized Color Enhancement
* Tafssl: Task-adaptive Feature Sub-space Learning for Few-shot Classification
* Teaching Structured Vision and Language Concepts to Vision and Language Models
* Unsupervised Domain Generalization by Learning a Bridge Across Domains
* Utilizing Excess Resources in Training Neural Networks
Includes: Giryes, R.[Raja] Giryes, R.
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