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Giree, N. Co Author Listing * Sample-Based Forest Monitoring Strategy Using Landsat, AVHRR and MODIS Data to Estimate Gross Forest Cover Loss in Malaysia between 1990 and 2005, A

Gireesan, K. Co Author Listing * Decoding non-linearity for effective extraction of the eye-blink artifact pattern from EEG recordings

Girella, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Language-enhanced RNR-Map: Querying Renderable Neural Radiance Field maps with natural language
* OO-dMVMT: A Deep Multi-view Multi-task Classification Framework for Real-time 3D Hand Gesture Classification and Segmentation

Girelli, V.A. Co Author Listing * 3d Digitisation In Cultural Heritage Knowledge and Preservation: The Case of the Neptune Statue In Bologna and Its Archetype
* 3d Geomatics Techniques for An Integrated Approach to Cultural Heritage Knowledge: the Case of San Michele in Acerboli's Church In Santarcangelo Di Romagna
* 3d Image-based Surveying of the Safe of the Obellio Firmo Domus In V. A. Girelli
* 3d Image-based Surveying of the Safe of the Obellio Firmo Domus In Pompeii
* Aerial Thermography for Energetic Modelling of Cities
* High Resolution 3d Acquisition and Modelling in Cultural Heritage Knowledge and Restoration Projects: The Survey of The Fountain Of Neptune in Bologna
* Historical Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the 3d Virtual Reconstruction of Destroyed Structures: A Case Study in Italy
* Integration of Aerial Thermal Imagery, LiDAR Data and Ground Surveys for Surface Temperature Mapping in Urban Environments
* Integration of Geomatics Techniques for Digitizing Highly Relevant Geological And Cultural Heritage Sites: the Case of San Leo (Italy)
* Metric Accuracy of Digital Elevation Models from WorldView-3 Stereo-Pairs in Urban Areas
* Multi-Temporal Investigation of the Boulder Clay Glacier and Northern Foothills (Victoria Land, Antarctica) by Integrated Surveying Techniques
* Structure from Motion for aerial thermal imagery at city scale: Pre-processing, camera calibration, accuracy assessment
Includes: Girelli, V.A. Girelli, V.A.[Valentina A.] Girelli, V.A.[Valentina Alena]
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Giremus, A.[Audrey] Co Author Listing * Continuous-Discrete Extended Kalman Filter on Matrix Lie Groups Using Concentrated Gaussian Distributions
* From Intrinsic Optimization to Iterated Extended Kalman Filtering on Lie Groups
* Global Motion Estimation from Relative Measurements in the Presence of Outliers
* Global motion estimation from relative measurements using iterated extended Kalman filter on matrix LIE groups
* Modeling of Multipath Environment Using Copulas for Particle Filtering Based GPS Navigation
* On Computing Jeffrey's Divergence Between Time-Varying Autoregressive Models
* Robust Wearable Camera Localization as a Target Tracking Problem on SE(3)
Includes: Giremus, A.[Audrey] Giremus, A.
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