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Gidaris, S.[Spyridon] Co Author Listing * Attend Refine Repeat: Active Box Proposal Generation via In-Out Localization
* Detect, Replace, Refine: Deep Structured Prediction for Pixel Wise Labeling
* Dynamic Few-Shot Visual Learning Without Forgetting
* LocNet: Improving Localization Accuracy for Object Detection
* Object Detection via a Multi-region and Semantic Segmentation-Aware CNN Model
* PersonLab: Person Pose Estimation and Instance Segmentation with a Bottom-Up, Part-Based, Geometric Embedding Model
Includes: Gidaris, S.[Spyridon] Gidaris, S.[Spyros] Gidaris, S.

Gidas, B.[Basilis] Co Author Listing * email: Gidas, B.[Basilis]: gidas AT brownvm brown edu
* Motion detection and tracking using deformable templates
* Renormalization Group Approach to Image Processing Problems, A
* Tracking of Moving Objects in Cluttered Environments Via Monte Carlo Filter
Includes: Gidas, B.[Basilis] Gidas, B.

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