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Giblin, P.J.[Peter J.] Co Author Listing * email: Giblin, P.J.[Peter J.]: pjgiblin AT liv ac uk
* Affine Invariant Medial Axis and Skew Symmetry
* Alternative 2D Shape Representations using the Symmetry Set
* Area-Based Medial Axis of Planar Curves
* Beyond the Hough Transform: Further Properties of the R-Theta Mapping and Their Applications
* Camera Pose Estimation Using First-Order Curve Differential Geometry
* Class Based Reconstruction Techniques using Singular Apparent Contours
* Consistency Conditions on the Medial Axis
* Convex Hulls, Occluding Contours, Aspect Graphs and the Hough Transform
* Epipolar Curves on Surfaces
* Epipolar Fields on Surfaces
* Following Cusps
* Formal Classification of 3D Medial Axis Points and their Local Geometry, A
* From a 2D Shape to a String Structure Using the Symmetry Set
* Generalised Epipolar Constraints
* Geometry of Isophote Curves
* Information Available to a Moving Observer from Specularities, The
* Local Image Features Resulting from 3-Dimensional Geometric Features, Illumination, and Movement: I
* Local Image Features Resulting From 3-Dimensional Geometric Features, Illumination, And Movement: II
* Matching 2D Shapes using their Symmetry Sets
* Motion from the Frontier of Curved Surfaces
* Noise-Resistant Affine Skeletons of Planar Curves
* On the computation of the affine skeletons of planar curves and the detection of skew symmetry
* On the Geometry of a Surface and Its Singular Profiles
* On the Intrinsic Reconstruction of Shape from its Symmetries
* On the Local Form and Transitions of Symmetry Sets, Medial Axes, and Shocks
* Parabolic Curves of Evolving Surfaces
* Reconstructions of Surfaces from Profiles
* Ridges, Crests and Sub-Parabolic Lines of Evolving Surfaces
* Skeletonization Using an Extended Euclidean Distance Transform
* Surface Geometry from Cusps of Apparent Contours
* Towards surface regularization via medial axis transitions
* Transitions of the 3D Medial Axis under a One-Parameter Family of Deformations
* Trifocal Relative Pose From Lines at Points
* TRPLP: Trifocal Relative Pose From Lines at Points
* Visual Motion of Curves and Surfaces
Includes: Giblin, P.J.[Peter J.] Giblin, P.J.
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Giblin, S. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of a Low-Cost Novel Computer-Vision Dynamic Movement Assessment: Potential Limitations and Future Directions

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