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Fred, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Consensus Clustering Using Partial Evidence Accumulation
* Context-Aware Person Re-Identification in the Wild Via Fusion of Gait and Anthropometric Features
* Identifying regions of interest for discriminating Alzheimer's disease from mild cognitive impairment
* Learning Similarities by Accumulating Evidence in a Probabilistic Way
* Low-Complexity R-peak Detection Algorithm with Adaptive Thresholding for Wearable Devices, A
* Novel fiducial and non-fiducial approaches to electrocardiogram-based biometric systems
* Outlier Detection in Non-intrusive ECG Biometric System
* Unifying Approach to ECG Biometric Recognition Using the Wavelet Transform, A
Includes: Fred, A.[Ana] Fred, A.
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Fred, A.L.[Alfred Lenin] Co Author Listing * AC coefficient and K-means cuckoo optimisation algorithm-based segmentation and compression of compound images

Fred, A.L.N.[Ana L.N.] Co Author Listing * Cluster validation using a probabilistic attributed graph
* Clustering Under a Hypothesis of Smooth Dissimilarity Increments
* Combining multiple clusterings using evidence accumulation
* Constraint Acquisition Method for Data Clustering, A
* Data clustering using evidence accumulation
* Dissimilarity Increments Distribution in the Evidence Accumulation Clustering Framework
* Dominant Set Approach to ECG Biometrics
* Ensemble Methods in the Clustering of String Patterns
* Hidden Markov Models vs. Syntactic Modeling in Object Recognition
* k-Nearest Neighbor Classification Using Dissimilarity Increments
* Learning Pairwise Similarity for Data Clustering
* Minimum Code Length Technique for Clustering of Syntactic Patterns, A
* Mode Seeking Clustering by KNN and Mean Shift Evaluated
* new cluster isolation criterion based on dissimilarity increments, A
* On the Distribution of Dissimilarity Increments
* On the Scalability of Evidence Accumulation Clustering
* One-Lead ECG-based Personal Identification Using Ziv-Merhav Cross Parsing
* Pattern recognition in information systems
* Robust data clustering
* Solomonoff coding as a means of introducing prior information in syntactic pattern recognition
* Statistical modeling of dissimilarity increments for d-dimensional data: Application in partitional clustering
* Uncertainty based classification fusion: A soft-biometrics test case
* Use of stochastic grammars for hypnogram analysis
Includes: Fred, A.L.N.[Ana L.N.] Fred, A.L.N. Fred, A.L.N.[Ana L. N.]
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Freddi, F. Co Author Listing * From models to reality, And Return. Some Reflections On The Interaction Between Survey And Interpretative Methods for Built Heritage Conservation

Fredduzzi, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * GIS-Based Tool for Automatic Bankfull Detection from Airborne High Resolution DEM, A

Fredembach, C.[Clement] Co Author Listing * 1.5D sieve algorithm, The
* Automatic and Accurate Shadow Detection Using Near-Infrared Information
* Color image dehazing using the near-infrared
* Designing color filter arrays for the joint capture of visible and near-infrared images
* Detecting Illumination in Images
* Eigenregions for Image Classification
* Hamiltonian path based shadow removal
* Simple Shadow Removal
Includes: Fredembach, C.[Clement] Fredembach, C.
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Frederic, D. Co Author Listing * Mapping Latent Heat Flux in the Western Forest Covered Regions of Algeria Using Remote Sensing Data and a Spatialized Model

Frederick, B.[Brandon] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D image registration using regression learning

Frederick, B.R.[Brian R.] Co Author Listing * Edge detection using patterned background

Frederick, C. Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction in Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography with the Simplified P_2 Approximation
* Simurgh: A Framework for CAD-Driven Deep Learning Based X-Ray CT Reconstruction
Includes: Frederick, C. Frederick, C.[Curtis]

Frederick, P.C.[Peter C.] Co Author Listing * Quantifying Intertidal Habitat Relative Coverage in a Florida Estuary Using UAS Imagery and GEOBIA

Fredericksen, R.E. Co Author Listing * How Big Is a Gabor Patch, and Why Should We Care

Frederickson, H. Co Author Listing * Image and Video Processing Using MAJC 5200

Fredericque, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * 3D city GIS for sustaining city infrastructure: the Bentley approach
* Populating a building Multi Representation Data Base with photogrammetric tools: Recent progress

Frederiksen, L. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of 3D city models: EuroSDR comparison

Frederique, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * Sinogram Restoration Using Confidence Maps to Reduce Metal Artifact in Computed Tomography
Includes: Frederique, L.[Louis] Frédérique, L.[Louis]

Frederix, G. Co Author Listing * Cluster-based Segmentation of Natural Scenes
* Finding Salient Regions in Images
* Image Segmentation Based on Statistically Principled Clustering
* Image Segmentation by Nonparametric Clustering based on the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Distance
* Pariss: Panoramic, Adaptive and Reconfigurable Interface for Similarity Search

Fredes, J. Co Author Listing * Locally Normalized Filter Banks Applied to Deep Neural-Network-Based Robust Speech Recognition

Fredes, S.N.[Sandra N.] Co Author Listing * Modeling Phenols, Anthocyanins and Color Intensity of Wine Using Pre-Harvest Sentinel-2 Images

Fredette, A.N. Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Networks for Audio and Video: Using IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging

Fredette, D. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Eco-Driving's Fuel Saving Potential in Traffic: Multi-Vehicle Simulation Study Comparing Three Representative Methods
* Swarm-Inspired Modeling of a Highway System With Stability Analysis

Fredette, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * On the importance of similarity characteristics of curve clustering and its applications

Frediani, F. Co Author Listing * Structural Rehabilitation and Real Time Monitoring of The ponte Delle Grazie Bridge in Faenza, Italy

Fredin, O.[Ola] Co Author Listing * Globally vs. Locally Trained Machine Learning Models for Landslide Detection: A Case Study of a Glacial Landscape

Fredj, E.[Erick] Co Author Listing * Improved Gridded Precipitation Data Derived from Microwave Link Attenuation

Fredj, H.B.[Hana Ben] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of latest CNN based Optical Flow Estimation

Fredj, S.B.[Sarra Ben] Co Author Listing * exploration framework for segmentation parameter spaces, An

Fredo, A.R.J.[A.R. Jac] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and analysis of brain subcortical regions using regularized multiphase level set in autistic MR images

Fredouille, C.[Corinne] Co Author Listing * LIA RT'07 Speaker Diarization System, The
* Overview of compression and packet loss effects in speech biometrics
Includes: Fredouille, C.[Corinne] Fredouille, C.

Fredrick, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Transfer Learning Methods for Extracting, Classifying and Searching Large Collections of Historical Images and Their Captions

Fredrikson, M. Co Author Listing * Interpreting Interpretations: Organizing Attribution Methods by Criteria

Fredriksson, I.[Ingemar] Co Author Listing * Heart Rate Variability for Classification of Alert Versus Sleep Deprived Drivers in Real Road Driving Conditions

Fredriksson, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient Algorithm for Eco-Driving Over Long Look-Ahead Horizons
* Efficient algorithms for robust estimation of relative translation
* Fast and Reliable Two-View Translation Estimation
* Lane Change Maneuvers for Automated Vehicles
* Longitudinal and Lateral Control for Automated Yielding Maneuvers
* Optimal Relative Pose with Unknown Correspondences
* Outlier Rejection for Absolute Pose Estimation with Known Orientation
* Pedestrian Detection Using Augmented Training Data
* Performance and Efficiency Analysis of a Linear Learning-Based Prediction Model Used for Unintended Lane-Departure Detection
* Practical robust two-view translation estimation
* Reliable Vehicle Pose Estimation Using Vision and a Single-Track Model
* Simultaneous Multiple Rotation Averaging Using Lagrangian Duality
* Tighter Relaxations for Higher-Order Models Based on Generalized Roof Duality
Includes: Fredriksson, J.[Jonas] Fredriksson, J.[Johan] Fredriksson, J.
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Fredriksson, K.[Kimmo] Co Author Listing * Combinatorial methods for approximate image matching under translations and rotations
* Engineering efficient metric indexes
* Faster Template Matching Without FFT
* Local approximate 3D matching of proteins in viral cryo-EM density maps
Includes: Fredriksson, K.[Kimmo] Fredriksson, K.

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