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Fraz, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Color Information for Better Scene Text Recognition
* Exploiting colour information for better scene text detection and recognition
* Real-time automatic license plate recognition for CCTV forensic applications
Includes: Fraz, M.[Muhammad] Fraz, M.

Fraz, M.M. Co Author Listing * Arterioles and Venules Classification in Retinal Images Using Fully Convolutional Deep Neural Network
* Automated quantification of retinal vessel morphometry in the UK biobank cohort
* Context-Aware Convolutional Neural Network for Grading of Colorectal Cancer Histology Images
* Detailed Sentence Generation Architecture for Image Semantics Description
* DUPL-VR: Deep Unsupervised Progressive Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Ensemble Classification System Applied for Retinal Vessel Segmentation on Child Images Containing Various Vessel Profiles
* Mid-level-Representation Based Lexicon for Vehicle Make and Model Recognition
* Person re-identification: A retrospective on domain specific open challenges and future trends
* Progressive Unsupervised Deep Transfer Learning for Forest Mapping in Satellite Image
* Retinal Vessel Extraction Using First-Order Derivative of Gaussian and Morphological Processing
* VR-PROUD: Vehicle Re-identification using PROgressive Unsupervised Deep architecture
* Weighted hybrid features for person re-identification
Includes: Fraz, M.M. Fraz, M.M.[Muhammad Moazam]
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Frazao, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * DropAll: Generalization of Two Convolutional Neural Network Regularization Methods
* How Deep Can We Rely on Emotion Recognition
* Weighted Convolutional Neural Network Ensemble
Includes: Frazao, X.[Xavier] Fraz„o, X.[Xavier]

Frazer, G.J. Co Author Listing * Bounds on the Volume and Height Distributions for the MIMO Radar Ambiguity Function

Frazer, H. Co Author Listing * Lesion Segmentation in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI of Breast

Frazer, W.D.[William D.] Co Author Listing * Detection and Identification of Remnant PFM-1 'Butterfly Mines' with a UAV-Based Thermal-Imaging Protocol

Frazier, A.E.[Amy E.] Co Author Listing * How to Improve the Reproducibility, Replicability, and Extensibility of Remote Sensing Research
* Nutrient Prediction for Tef (Eragrostis tef) Plant and Grain with Hyperspectral Data and Partial Least Squares Regression: Replicating Methods and Results across Environments
* Technical Review of Planet Smallsat Data: Practical Considerations for Processing and Using PlanetScope Imagery, A

Frazier, C.H. Co Author Listing * Acoustic imaging of objects buried in soil

Frazier, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Framework for Walkability Measurement with Open Data: A Case Study of Triple Cities, New York, A
* Detecting Moving Objects from a Moving Platform
Includes: Frazier, J.[John] Frazier, J.

Frazier, P.I. Co Author Listing * Distance Dependent Infinite Latent Feature Models

Frazier, P.S.[Paul Shane] Co Author Listing * Water Body Detection and Delineation with Landsat TM Data

Frazier, R.J.[Ryan J.] Co Author Listing * Characterization of aboveground biomass in an unmanaged boreal forest using Landsat temporal segmentation metrics

Frazin, R.A.[Richard A.] Co Author Listing * Asymptotic convergence of the ensemble Kalman filter
* Tomographic Imaging of Dynamic Objects With the Ensemble Kalman Filter
Includes: Frazin, R.A.[Richard A.] Frazin, R.A.

Frazor, R.A.[Robert A.] Co Author Listing * Independent Encoding of Position and Orientation by Population Responses in Primary Visual Cortex
* Natural Contrast Statistics and the Selection of Visual Fixations
Includes: Frazor, R.A.[Robert A.] Frazor, R.A.

Frazzi, E. Co Author Listing * Empirical Estimation of Leaf Chlorophyll Density in Winter Wheat Canopies Using Sentinel-2 Spectral Resolution
* Multitemporal evaluation of topographic normalization methods on Deciduous Forest TM Data

Frazzoli, E. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Vehicle Routing for Robotic Systems
* Multivehicle Cooperative Driving Using Cooperative Perception: Design and Experimental Validation
* Quantifying the Efficiency of Ride Sharing
* Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report
Includes: Frazzoli, E. Frazzoli, E.[Emilio]

Frazzoni, M. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint ridge distance computation methodologies

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