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Flach, B.[Boris] Co Author Listing * Class of Random Fields on Complete Graphs with Tractable Partition Function, A
* Combining Shape Priors and MRF-Segmentation
* Coupling cell detection and tracking by temporal feedback
* Higher Order MRF-Model for Stereo-Reconstruction, A
* Joint Non-rigid Motion Estimation and Segmentation
* Modelling composite shapes by Gibbs random fields
* Probabilistic Segmentation Scheme, A
* Stochastic Normalizations as Bayesian Learning
* Unifying Registration and Segmentation for Multi-sensor Images
* Unsupervised (parameter) learning for MRFs on bipartite graphs
Includes: Flach, B.[Boris] Flach, B.
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Flach, J.D. Co Author Listing * Inversion of the Surface Properties of Ice Sheets From Satellite Microwave Data

Flach, J.M.[John M.] Co Author Listing * Ecological Interface Design for Vehicle Locomotion Control

Flachs, G.M. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Video Tracking System, A

Flack Prain, S.[Sophie] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the Error and Bias of Remotely Sensed LAI Products: An Example for Tropical and Subtropical Evergreen Forests in South China
Includes: Flack Prain, S.[Sophie] Flack-Prain, S.[Sophie]

Flack, J. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Semantic Object Segmentation using Probabilistic Sub-Object Regions

Flack, L.K.[Lloyd K.] Co Author Listing * Mixtures of Factor Analyzers with Common Factor Loadings: Applications to the Clustering and Visualization of High-Dimensional Data

Flack, V.F.[Virginia Foard] Co Author Listing * Using probabilities in analyzing two dimensional spatial patterns

Flacke, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Interactive Planning Support Tool for Addressing Social Acceptance of Renewable Energy Projects in The Netherlands, An
* Knowing My Village from the Sky: A Collaborative Spatial Learning Framework to Integrate Spatial Knowledge of Stakeholders in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
* Measuring Inequality of Opportunity in Access to Quality Basic Education: A Case Study in Florida, US
* Public Participation Using 3D Web-Based City Models: Opportunities for E-Participation in Kisumu, Kenya
* Role of Participatory Village Maps in Strengthening Public Participation Practice, The
* Spatio-temporal modelling of informal settlement development in Sancaktepe district, Istanbul, Turkey
* Strengthening Participation Using Interactive Planning Support Systems: A Systematic Review
* Towards Supporting Collaborative Spatial Planning: Conceptualization of a Maptable Tool through User Stories
* Understanding Urban Regeneration In Turkey
* What do New Yorkers Think about Impacts and Adaptation to Heat Waves? An Evaluation Tool to Incorporate Perception of Low-Income Groups into Heat Wave Adaptation Scenarios in New York City
Includes: Flacke, J.[Johannes] Flacke, J.
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