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Fina, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * National-scale imperviousness mapping and detection of urban land changes

Finamore, A.C.[Anna C.] Co Author Listing * Mining Actionable Patterns of Road Mobility From Heterogeneous Traffic Data Using Biclustering

Finamore, W.A. Co Author Listing * clustering algorithm for entropy-constrained vector quantizer design with applications in coding image pyramids, A
* Lossy Lempel-Ziv Algorithm for Large Alphabet Sources and Applications to Image Compression
* Multidimensional Signal Compression Using Multiscale Recurrent Patterns
* Rate Distortion Optimized Adaptive Multiscale Vector Quantization
* Robust still image coding using lapped transforms with block classification
Includes: Finamore, W.A. Finamore, W.A.[Weiler A.] Finamore, W.A.[Weiler Alves]

Finance, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * INSPIRE-SAT 7, a Second CubeSat to Measure the Earth's Energy Budget and to Probe the Ionosphere
* New Method Based on a Multilayer Perceptron Network to Determine In-Orbit Satellite Attitude for Spacecrafts without Active ADCS Like UVSQ-SAT, A
* UVSQ-SAT/INSPIRESat-5 CubeSat Mission: First In-Orbit Measurements of the Earth's Outgoing Radiation, The

Finat Saez, J. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality to Preserve Hidden Vestiges in Historical Cities. A Case Study
Includes: Finat Saez, J. Finat-Saez, J.

Finat, J. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality to Preserve Hidden Vestiges in Historical Cities. A Case Study
* Girapim: A 3D Information System for Surveying Cultural Heritage Environments
* Information and knowledge systems for integrated models in Cultural Heritage
* Open Source Software Platform for Visualizing and Teaching Conservation Tasks in Architectural Heritage Environments, An
* Recreation and Simulation of Preindustrial Flour Processes in the Margin of Rivers
* systemic approach for 3D recognition of simple primitives in discrete models, A
* Terrestrial laserscanning and low-cost aerial Photogrammetry in the archaeological modelling of a Jewish tanneries
* Terrestrial laserscanning metric control: Assessment of metric accuracy for cultural heritage modeling
Includes: Finat, J. Finat, J.[Javier]
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Finaud Guyot, P. Co Author Listing * 4D GIS for Monitoring River Bank Erosion At Meander Bend Scale: Case of Moselle River
Includes: Finaud Guyot, P. Finaud-Guyot, P.

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