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Fiala, J.C.[John C.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of a Regular and an Irregular Decomposition of Regions and Volumes
* Triclops: A Tool for Studying Active Vision
Includes: Fiala, J.C.[John C.] Fiala, J.C.

Fiala, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * 3D Disaster Scene Reconstruction Using a Canine-Mounted RGB-D Sensor
* ARTag: a Fiducial Marker System Using Digital Techniques
* Automatic Projector Calibration Using Self-Identifying Patterns
* Background Subtraction using Self-Identifying Patterns
* Designing Highly Reliable Fiducial Markers
* Feature extraction and calibration for stereo reconstruction using non-SVP optics in a panoramic stereo-vision sensor
* Hough transform for feature detection in panoramic images
* Immersive Panoramic Imagery
* Line Segment Extraction in Panoramic Images
* Linear markers for robot navigation with panoramic vision
* Markerless Augmented Reality System for Mobile Devices, A
* Panoramic Stereo
* Panoramic stereo reconstruction using non-SVP optics
* Real Time Augmented Reality System Using GPU Acceleration, A
* Robot Control and Augmented Reality Interface for Multiple Robots, A
* Robot Navigation Using Panoramic Landmark Tracking
* Robot Navigation Using Panoramic Tracking
* Self-identifying patterns for plane-based camera calibration
* Structure from Motion using SIFT Features and the PH Transform with Panoramic Imagery
* topological approach to finding grids in calibration patterns, A
* Using Normalized Interest Point Trajectories Over Scale for Image Search
* Vision guided control of multiple robots
* Visual Odometry Using 3-Dimensional Video Input
Includes: Fiala, M.[Mark] Fiala, M.
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Fiala, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Using UAV-Based Photogrammetry to Obtain Correlation between the Vegetation Indices and Chemical Analysis of Agricultural Crops

Fiala, R.[Radek] Co Author Listing * Indoor Positioning Using PnP Problem on Mobile Phone Images

Fiallos, C.B. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of injuries in mammograms using image analysis techniques

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