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Feddaoui, N.[Nadia] Co Author Listing * Iris Recognition Method Based on Gabor Filters and Uniform Local Binary Patterns

Feddema, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Mapping Local Climate Zones for a Worldwide Database of the Form and Function of Cities

Feddema, J.J. Co Author Listing * Towards Consistent Mapping Of Urban Structures: Global Human Settlement Layer And Local Climate Zones

Feddema, J.T. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Feature Prediction and Control for Visual Tracking with a Hand-Eye Coordinated Camera
* Model-Based Visual Feedback Control for a Hand-Eye Coordinated Robotic System
* Vision-Guided Servoing with Feature-Based Trajectory Generation
* Weighted Selection of Image Features for Resolved Rate Visual Feedback Control

Feddern, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Curvature-Driven PDE Methods for Matrix-Valued Images
* Median Filtering of Tensor-Valued Images
* Morphological Operations on Matrix-Valued Images
* Real-Time Optic Flow Computation with Variational Methods
* Variational Optical Flow Computation in Real Time

Fedders, E.R.[Emily R.] Co Author Listing * Ground-Based Radar Interferometry of Sea Ice

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