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Fant, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Content-Based Exposure Control for Scanning Applications in Radiography

Fant, B. Co Author Listing * Cayley- Klein Metric Learning with Shrinkage-Expansion Constraints

Fant, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * System and method for inserting static and dynamic images into a live video broadcast

Fanta Jende, P. Co Author Listing * Accurate Real-time UAV Mapping Solution for the Generation Of Orthomosaics and Surface Models, An
* Correction of Mobile Mapping Trajectories in Gnss-denied Environments Using Aerial Nadir and Aerial Oblique Images
* Versatile UAV Near Real-time Mapping Solution for Disaster Response: Concept, Ideas and Implementation, A
Includes: Fanta Jende, P. Fanta-Jende, P.

Fantacci, C. Co Author Listing * Parallel Consensus on Likelihoods and Priors for Networked Nonlinear Filtering
* Robust Fusion for Multisensor Multiobject Tracking
* Scalable Multisensor Multitarget Tracking Using the Marginalized delta-GLMB Density

Fantacci, M.E.[Maria Evelina] Co Author Listing * 3-D object segmentation using ant colonies
* Radiomic and Dosiomic Profiling of Paediatric Medulloblastoma Tumours Treated with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
* Residual Convolutional Neural Networks to Automatically Extract Significant Breast Density Features

Fantacci, R. Co Author Listing * Internet of Vehicles

Fantasia, M. Co Author Listing * Numerical and Workbench Design of 2.35 T Double-Tuned (H/Na) Nested RF Birdcage Coils Suitable for Animal Size MRI

Fantechi, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Natural Language Processing of Patents and Technical Documentation
* Using Temporal Logic and Model Checking in Automated Recognition of Human Activities for Ambient-Assisted Living
Includes: Fantechi, A.[Alessandro] Fantechi, A.

Fanti, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Models for Human Motion Recognition

Fanti, G.C.[Giulia C.] Co Author Listing * Circulant structures and graph signal processing

Fanti, M.P. Co Author Listing * Decision Support System for User-Based Vehicle Relocation in Car Sharing Systems, A
* Fleet Sizing for Electric Car Sharing Systems in Discrete Event System Frameworks
* Integrated Framework for Binary Sensor Placement and Inhabitants Location Tracking, An

Fanti, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Environmental Aftermath of the 2019 Stromboli Eruption
* Geomatics in Bridge Structural Health Monitoring, Integrating Terrestrial Laser Scanning Techniques and Geotechnical Inspections On A High Value Cultural Heritage
* Landslide-Induced Damage Probability Estimation Coupling InSAR and Field Survey Data by Fragility Curves
Includes: Fanti, R.[Riccardo] Fanti, R.

Fantinato, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Relationship Between Criteria Based on Correntropy and Second Order Statistics for Equalization of Communication Channels

Fantini, F. Co Author Listing * 3D Model Visualization Enhancements in Real-Time Game Engines
* 3D models mapping optimization through an integrated parameterization approach: cases studies from Ravenna
* Accurate Multiview Stereo Reconstruction with Fast Visibility Integration and Tight Disparity Bounding
* Digitalization Culture Vs Archaeological Visualization: Integration Of Pipelines And Open Issues
* Evaluating Smartphones Color Fidelity and Metric Accuracy for The 3d Documentation of Small Artifacts
* From The General Documentation of Hadrian's Villa to Design Analysis Of Complex Cupolas: a Procedural Approach
* Methodology for Planar Representation of Frescoed Oval Domes: Formulation and Testing on Pisa Cathedral, A
* Photogrammetry-Based Workflow for the Accurate 3D Construction and Visualization of Museums Assets, A
Includes: Fantini, F. Fantini, F.[Filippo]
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Fantini, M. Co Author Listing * IDB: an image database system

Fantini, S. Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction by Backprojection from Frequency-Domain Optical Measurements in Highly Scattering Media

Fanton d'Andon, O.H.[Odile Hembise] Co Author Listing * Satellite and In Situ Sampling Mismatches: Consequences for the Estimation of Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Uncertainties
Includes: Fanton d'Andon, O.H.[Odile Hembise] Fanton-d'Andon, O.H.[Odile Hembise]

Fanton, L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Denoising Method Dedicated to Cardiac MR-DTI, An
* Human Atlas of the Cardiac Fiber Architecture: Study on a Healthy Population
* Statistical Analysis of the Human Cardiac Fiber Architecture from DT-MRI
* Very High-Resolution Imaging of Post-Mortem Human Cardiac Tissue Using X-Ray Phase Contrast Tomography
Includes: Fanton, L. Fanton, L.[Laurent]

Fantoni, I. Co Author Listing * Fast Depth Video Compression for Mobile RGB-D Sensors
* Real-time Collision Risk Estimation based on Pearson's Correlation Coefficient

Fantoni, R. Co Author Listing * Image processing from laser scanners for remote diagnostic and virtual fruition of cultural heritage

Fantoni, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Automatic Alignment of Range Surfaces
* Accurate Multiview Stereo Reconstruction with Fast Visibility Integration and Tight Disparity Bounding
Includes: Fantoni, S.[Simone] Fantoni, S.

Fantozzi, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous machine learning system for improving the diagnosis of primary aldosteronism

Fantozzi, F. Co Author Listing * Feature Based Global and Local Motion Estimation for Videoconference Sequences
* Model-Based Global and Local Motion Estimation for Videoconference Sequences

Fantuzzi, C.[Cesare] Co Author Listing * Experimental comparison of 3D vision sensors for mobile robot localization for industrial application: Stereo-camera and RGB-D sensor

Fanty, M.A.[Mark A.] Co Author Listing * Computing with Structured Connectionist Networks

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