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Enqvist, O.[Olof] Co Author Listing * Accurate Localization and Pose Estimation for Large 3D Models
* Automatic Feature Point Correspondences and Shape Analysis with Missing Data and Outliers Using MDL
* brute-force algorithm for reconstructing a scene from two projections, A
* City-Scale Localization for Cameras with Known Vertical Direction
* Combinatorial Approach to L1 -Matrix Factorization, A
* Efficient algorithms for robust estimation of relative translation
* Fast and Reliable Two-View Translation Estimation
* Global Optimization For One-Dimensional Structure And Motion Problems
* Improved Object Detection and Pose Using Part-Based Models
* L-inf to Structure and Motion Problems in 1D-Vision, An
* Non-sequential structure from motion
* Optimal correspondences from pairwise constraints
* Optimal Geometric Fitting under the Truncated L2-Norm
* Point track creation in unordered image collections using Gomory-Hu trees
* polynomial-time bound for matching and registration with outliers, A
* Robust Fitting for Multiple View Geometry
* Robust Optimal Pose Estimation
* Shape-aware label fusion for multi-atlas frameworks
* Stable Structure from Motion for Unordered Image Collections
* Tracking and reconstruction of vehicles for accurate position estimation
* Tractable Algorithms for Robust Model Estimation
* Tractable and Reliable Registration of 2D Point Sets
* Two View Geometry from Uncertain Correspondences
* ‹beratlas: Fast and robust registration for multi-atlas segmentation
* ‹beratlas: Robust Speed-Up of Feature-Based Registration and Multi-Atlas Segmentation
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