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Ehler, M. Co Author Listing * On Orthogonal Projections for Dimension Reduction and Applications in Augmented Target Loss Functions for Learning Problems
* Schroedinger Eigenmaps for the Analysis of Biomedical Data
Includes: Ehler, M. Ehler, M.[Martin]

Ehlers, A.[Arne] Co Author Listing * Boosted Fractal Integral Paths for Object Detection
* Cascaded Random Forest for Fast Object Detection
* Cleaning Up Multiple Detections Caused by Sliding Window Based Object Detectors
* Computation strategies for volume local binary patterns applied to action recognition
* Ego-motion compensated face detection on a mobile device
* Exploiting Object Characteristics Using Custom Features for Boosting-Based Classification
* On-The-Fly Handwriting Recognition Using a High-Level Representation
* PCA Enhanced Training Data for Adaboost
* Probabilistic nodes for modelling classification uncertainty for random forest
* Sequential Boosting for Learning a Random Forest Classifier
* Symmetry Enhanced Adaboost
* Thresholding a Random Forest Classifier
Includes: Ehlers, A.[Arne] Ehlers, A.
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Ehlers, D.[Dekker] Co Author Listing * Mapping Forest Aboveground Biomass Using Multisource Remotely Sensed Data

Ehlers, M.[Manfred] Co Author Listing * Automated analysis of ultra high resolution remote sensing data for biotope type mapping: new possibilities and challenges
* Automated Techniques for Environmental Monitoring and Change Analyses for Ultra High-resolution Remote Sensing Data
* BIM for Geo-Analysis (BIM4GEOA): Set up of 3D Information System with Open Source Software and Open Specification (OS)
* Cest Analysis: Automated Change Detection From Very-high-resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Detection of Damaged Buildings in Crisis Areas from Panchromatic Remote Sensing Data
* FFT-enhanced IHS transform method for fusing high-resolution satellite images
* framework for the modelling of uncertainty between remote sensing and geographic information systems, A
* Initial investigations for modeling interior Utilities within 3D Geo Context: Transforming IFC-interior utility to CityGML/UtilityNetworkADE
* Multi-image Fusion in Remote Sensing: Spatial Enhancement vs. Spectral Characteristics Preservation
* Object-based Change Detection Using High-resolution Remotely Sensed Data And Gis
* On segment based image fusion
* Potential of Digital Sensors for Land Cover and Tree Species Classifications A Case Study in the Framework of the DGPF-Project
* Potential of Pan-Sharpened EnMAP Data for the Assessment of Wheat LAI, The
* Rapid Change Detection Algorithm For Disaster Management
* Region-Based Automatic Building and Forest Change Detection on Cartosat-1 Stereo Imagery
* Remote Sensing Intertidal Flats with TerraSAR-X. A SAR Perspective of the Structural Elements of a Tidal Basin for Monitoring the Wadden Sea
* Urbis Project: Identification And Characterization Of Potential Urban Development Areas As A Web-based Service, The
Includes: Ehlers, M.[Manfred] Ehlers, M.
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Ehlers, R.[Rudiger] Co Author Listing * Formalizing and Guaranteeing Human-Robot Interaction
Includes: Ehlers, R.[Rudiger] Ehlers, R.[Rüdiger]

Ehlers, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Assessing Error Correlations in Remote Sensing-Based Estimates of Forest Attributes for Improved Composite Estimation

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