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Duygulu, P.[Pinar] Co Author Listing * 3D human pose search using oriented cylinders
* Adversarial Segmentation Loss for Sketch Colorization
* Classifying fonts and calligraphy styles using complex wavelet transform
* Clustering Art
* ConceptMap: Mining Noisy Web Data for Concept Learning
* effects of segmentation and feature choice in a translation model of object recognition, The
* FAME: Face Association through Model Evolution
* Finding People Frequently Appearing in News
* GANILLA: Generative adversarial networks for image to illustration translation
* GCap: Graph-based Automatic Image Captioning
* Graph Based Approach for Naming Faces in News Photos, A
* Heuristic Algorithm for Hierarchical Representation of Form Documents, A
* hierarchical representation of form documents for identification and retrieval, A
* Histogram of oriented rectangles: A new pose descriptor for human action recognition
* How robust are discriminatively trained zero-shot learning models?
* Human Action Recognition Using Distribution of Oriented Rectangular Patches
* Human action recognition with line and flow histograms
* Hybrid for Line Segmentation in Handwritten Documents, A
* I-ME: iterative model evolution for learning from weakly labeled images and videos
* Interesting faces: A graph-based approach for finding people in news
* line based pose representation for human action recognition, A
* line-based representation for matching words in historical manuscripts, A
* Matching Ottoman Words: An image retrieval approach to historical document indexing
* Multimedia translation for linking visual data to semantics in videos
* new pose-based representation for recognizing actions from multiple cameras, A
* Object Recognition as Machine Translation: Learning a Lexicon for a Fixed Image Vocabulary
* Object-based image labeling through learning by example and multi-level segmentation
* Person Search Made Easy
* Pose sentences: A new representation for action recognition using sequence of pose words
* Re-ranking of web image search results using a graph algorithm
* Recognizing actions from still images
* Recognizing Human Actions Using Key Poses
* Recognizing Objects and Scenes in News Videos
* Red Carpet to Fight Club: Partially-supervised Domain Transfer for Face Recognition in Violent Videos
* Redif Extraction in Handwritten Ottoman Literary Texts
* Retrieval of Ottoman documents
* Sentioscope: A Soccer Player Tracking System Using Model Field Particles
* Snippet Based Trajectory Statistics Histograms for Assistive Technologies
* Systematic Evaluation of Machine Translation Methods for Image and Video Annotation
* Translating Images to Words for Recognizing Objects in Large Image and Video Collections
* What Is Usual in Unusual Videos? Trajectory Snippet Histograms for Discovering Unusualness
* What's News, What's Not? Associating News Videos with Words
Includes: Duygulu, P.[Pinar] Duygulu, P.[Pınar] Duygulu, P.
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