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Dupoisot, H.[Henri] Co Author Listing * Image Enhancement Technique and Its Evaluation Through Bimodality Analysis, An
* Thickness extraction from biological images and interference colors
Includes: Dupoisot, H.[Henri] Dupoisot, H.

Dupont de Dinechin, B. Co Author Listing * Novel Arithmetics in Deep Neural Networks Signal Processing for Autonomous Driving: Challenges and Opportunities

Dupont, C. Co Author Listing * Crowd-11: A Dataset for Fine Grained Crowd Behaviour Analysis

Dupont, D. Co Author Listing * High-Frequency Ionospheric Monitoring System for Over-the-Horizon Radar in Canada

Dupont, E.[Elona] Co Author Listing * Tscom-net: Coarse-to-fine 3d Textured Shape Completion Network

Dupont, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * 3D Mesh Compression: Survey, Comparisons, and Emerging Trends
* Automatic Interpretation of Contour Lines by Using External Data
* Brightness Temperature Simulations of the Canadian Seasonal Snowpack Driven by Measurements of the Snow Specific Surface Area
* Combinatorial mesh optimization
* Digital geometry fundaments: application to plane recognition
* Discrete analytical curve reconstruction without patches
* Discrete Surfaces Segmentation into Discrete Planes
* Global Registration of 3D LiDAR Point Clouds Based on Scene Features: Application to Structured Environments
* Improved Corrections of Forest Effects on Passive Microwave Satellite Remote Sensing of Snow Over Boreal and Subarctic Regions
* Joint reversible watermarking and progressive compression of 3D meshes
* Modeling the Microwave Emission of Bubbly Ice: Applications to Blue Ice and Superimposed Ice in the Antarctic and Arctic
* new subdivision based approach for piecewise smooth approximation of 3D polygonal curves, A
* Progressive transmission of 3D object based on balls and cones union from medial axis transformation
* Rate-distortion optimization for progressive compression of 3D mesh with color attributes
* Reversible vectorisation of 3D digital planar curves and applications
* Robust normal vector estimation in 3D point clouds through iterative principal component analysis
* Toward a near optimal quad/triangle subdivision surface fitting
Includes: Dupont, F.[Florent] Dupont, F.
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Dupont, J. Co Author Listing * Toward a Realistic Interpretation of Blue-spill for Blue-screen Matting

Dupont, J.C.[Jean Charles] Co Author Listing * Tailored Algorithms for the Detection of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height from Common Automatic Lidars and Ceilometers (ALC)
Includes: Dupont, J.C.[Jean Charles] Dupont, J.C.[Jean-Charles]

Dupont, M. Co Author Listing * Detecting low-quality reference time series in stream recognition

Dupont, P. Co Author Listing * Anatomical-based FDG-PET reconstruction for the detection of hypo-metabolic regions in epilepsy
* Characterization of pinhole SPECT acquisition geometry
* Comparison Between MAP and Postprocessed ML for Image Reconstruction in Emission Tomography When Anatomical Knowledge Is Available
* iterative maximum-likelihood polychromatic algorithm for CT, An
* Links between probabilistic automata and hidden Markov models: probability distributions, learning models and induction algorithms
* Maximum-likelihood expectation-maximization reconstruction of sinograms with arbitrary noise distribution using NEC-transformations

Dupont, P.E.[Pierre E.] Co Author Listing * Continuum Robots for Medical Interventions
* Passive Markers for Tracking Surgical Instruments in Real-Time 3-D Ultrasound Imaging
Includes: Dupont, P.E.[Pierre E.] Dupont, P.E.

Dupont, R.[Romain] Co Author Listing * Calibrating an Optical See-Through Rig with Two Non-overlapping Cameras: The Virtual Camera Framework
* EasyFlow: Increasing the Convergence Basin of Variational Image Matching with a Feature-Based Cost
* Extracting Effective Subnetworks with Gumbel-Softmax
* Extracting planar structures efficiently with revisited BetaSAC
* Extraction of Layers of Similar Motion Through Combinatorial Techniques
* General Dense Image Matching Framework Combining Direct and Feature-Based Costs, A
* improved calibration technique for coupled single-row telemeter and CCD camera, An
* Learning to Segment Dynamic Objects using SLAM Outliers
* Robust Segmentation of Hidden Layers in Video Sequences
* Towards Dense 3D Reconstruction for Mixed Reality in Healthcare: Classical Multi-View Stereo vs Deep Learning
* Weight Reparametrization for Budget-Aware Network Pruning
Includes: Dupont, R.[Romain] Dupont, R.[Robin] Dupont, R.
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Dupont, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Continuous Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* Dyadic Conversation Dataset on Moral Emotions, A
* Enhanced Retrieval and Browsing in the IMOTION System
* iAutoMotion: an Autonomous Content-Based Video Retrieval Engine
* IMOTION: A Content-Based Video Retrieval Engine
* IMOTION: Searching for Video Sequences Using Multi-Shot Sketch Queries
* Improved Soccer Action Spotting using both Audio and Video Streams
* Multifaceted Engagement in Social Interaction with a Machine: The JOKER Project
* Multimodal Approach for the Safeguarding and Transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Case of i-Treasures, A
* Scenarizing CADastre Exquisse: A Crossover between Snoezeling in Hospitals/Domes, and Authoring/Experiencing Soundful Comic Strips
* Speaker-aware Multi-Task Learning for automatic speech recognition
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry: A Markovian Approach for Phase Unwrapping
* Towards Good Practices for Image Retrieval Based on CNN Features
* Triplet Networks Feature Masking for Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
Includes: Dupont, S.[Stephane] Dupont, S.[Stéphane] Dupont, S.
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Duport, M.G.[Marie Gabrielle] Co Author Listing * Detection of Aphids on Hyperspectral Images Using One-Class SVM and Laplacian of Gaussians
Includes: Duport, M.G.[Marie Gabrielle] Duport, M.G.[Marie-Gabrielle]

Dupoux, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * IntPhys 2019: A Benchmark for Visual Intuitive Physics Understanding
* new efficient measure for accuracy prediction and its application to multistream-based unsupervised adaptation, A
Includes: Dupoux, E.[Emmanuel] Dupoux, E.

Dupouy, C.[Cecile] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Optical Signatures within and around Floating Tonga-Fiji Pumice Rafts Using MODIS, VIIRS, and OLCI Satellite Sensors
* Bio-Optical Characterization and Ocean Colour Inversion in the Eastern Lagoon of New Caledonia, South Tropical Pacific
* Statistical Algorithm for Estimating Chlorophyll Concentration in the New Caledonian Lagoon, A
* Unsupervised Optical Classification of the Seabed Color in Shallow Oligotrophic Waters from Sentinel-2 Images: A Case Study in the Voh-Kone-Pouembout Lagoon (New Caledonia)
Includes: Dupouy, C.[Cecile] Dupouy, C.[Cécile]

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