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Diou, A. Co Author Listing * Crack defect detection and localization using genetic-based inverse voting Hough transform

Diou, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Building effective SVM concept detectors from clickthrough data for large-scale image retrieval
* Computationally Efficient Rehearsal for Online Continual Learning
* Fractal Nature of Chewing Sounds
* Image annotation using clickthrough data
* Large-Scale Concept Detection in Multimedia Data Using Small Training Sets and Cross-Domain Concept Fusion
* Recognition of Food-texture Attributes Using an In-ear Microphone
* Semantic Identification: Balancing between Complexity and Validity
* Wavelet Core for Video Processing, A
* Weighted SVM from clickthrough data for image retrieval
Includes: Diou, C.[Christos] Diou, C.
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Diouani, M.F.[Mohamed Fethi] Co Author Listing * Automatic identification and behavioral analysis of phlebotomine sand flies using trajectory features

Diouf, A.A.[Abdoul Aziz] Co Author Listing * Do Agrometeorological Data Improve Optical Satellite-Based Estimations of the Herbaceous Yield in Sahelian Semi-Arid Ecosystems?
* Fodder Biomass Monitoring in Sahelian Rangelands Using Phenological Metrics from FAPAR Time Series
* Local Vegetation Trends in the Sahel of Mali and Senegal Using Long Time Series FAPAR Satellite Products and Field Measurement (1982-2010)
* Trends in Woody and Herbaceous Vegetation in the Savannas of West Africa
* Woody Vegetation Die off and Regeneration in Response to Rainfall Variability in the West African Sahel
Includes: Diouf, A.A.[Abdoul Aziz] Diouf, A.A.[Abdoul A.]

Diouf, B. Co Author Listing * Multiple linear regression for universal steganalysis of images

Diouf, C. Co Author Listing * On the Use of Equality Constraints in the Identification of Volterra-Laguerre Models

Diouf, D.[Daouda] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of a Neuro-Variational Algorithm from SeaWiFS to MODIS-Aqua Sensor for the Determination of Atmospheric and Oceanic Variables

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