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Darkhijav, B. Co Author Listing * GIS-based Multi-criteria Analysis on Cropland Suitability In Bornuur Soum, Mongolia, A
* Spatial Distribution of Soil Moisture in Mongolia Using SMAP and MODIS Satellite Data: A Time Series Model (2010-2025)
Includes: Darkhijav, B. Darkhijav, B.[Bayanjargal]

Darki, F.[Fahimeh] Co Author Listing * Fractional anisotropy-weighted front evolution algorithm for white matter tractography based on diffusion tensor imaging data

Darkner, S.[Sune] Co Author Listing * Active Illumination and Appearance (AIA) Model for Face Alignment, An
* Collocation for Diffeomorphic Deformations in Medical Image Registration
* Data Driven Constraints for the SVM
* Efficient Hyperelastic Regularization for Registration
* First Order Locally Orderless Registration
* Higher-Order Momentum Distributions and Locally Affine LDDMM Registration
* hyper elasticity method for interactive virtual design of hearing aids: A parallel method for general non-linear hyper elasticity modeling, A
* Jet-Based Local Image Descriptors
* Kernel Bundle Diffeomorphic Image Registration Using Stationary Velocity Fields and Wendland Basis Functions
* Locally Orderless Registration
* Pseudo-Label Guided Image Synthesis for Semi-Supervised COVID-19 Pneumonia Infection Segmentation
* Some Issues of Biological Shape Modelling with Applications
* Stepwise Inverse Consistent Euler's Scheme for Diffeomorphic Image Registration
* Texture enhanced appearance models
* Wedgelet Enhanced Appearance Models
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Darko, J.[Justice] Co Author Listing * Adaptive personalized routing for vulnerable road users

Darko, P.O.[Patrick Osei] Co Author Listing * Spectral Complexity of Hyperspectral Images: A New Approach for Mangrove Classification

Darkow, D.J. Co Author Listing * Objective measurement of display formats: multidimensional and multimodel user perception models

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