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Daly, A.[Asma] Co Author Listing * Multiatlas-based segmentation of female pelvic organs: Application for computer-aided diagnosis of cervical cancer

Daly, C. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Classification of Tissue Section Images Using Directional Fractal Dimension Features
* Global Satellite-Based Coastal Bathymetry from Waves
Includes: Daly, C. Daly, C.[Christopher]

Daly, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Brain computer interface control via functional connectivity dynamics
* Personalised, Multi-Modal, Affective State Detection for Hybrid Brain-Computer Music Interfacing
Includes: Daly, I.[Ian] Daly, I.

Daly, I.M.[Ilse M.] Co Author Listing * Denoising imaging polarimetry by adapted BM3D method

Daly, J.A. Co Author Listing * Some dual problems in pattern recognition

Daly, K.[Kendra] Co Author Listing * Label-noise reduction with support vector machines

Daly, M. Co Author Listing * Learning to Detect Basal Tubules of Nematocysts in SEM Images
* Proof-of-Concept, Rover-Based System for Autonomously Locating Methane Gas Sources on Mars, A
Includes: Daly, M. Daly, M.[Michael]

Daly, N.[Nathan] Co Author Listing * Image Separation With Side Information: A Connected Auto-Encoders Based Approach
* Mixed X-Ray Image Separation for Artworks With Concealed Designs

Daly, S. Co Author Listing * Content aware quantization: Requantization of high dynamic range baseband signals based on visual masking by noise and texture
* Face-based visually-optimized image sequence coding
* Good-looking green images
* HDR Display Quality Evaluation by incorporating Perceptual Component Models into a Machine Learning framework
* Improved display resolution of subsampled colour images using subpixel addressing
* LCD Motion Blur Modeling and Analysis
* overview of the visual optimization tools in JPEG 2000, An
* Point-wise Extended Visual Masking for JPEG-2000 Image Compression
* Quality of Experience for Large Ultra-High-Resolution Tiled Displays with Synchronization Mismatch
* Recent advances in high dynamic range imaging technology
* Subpixel rendering on non-striped colour matrix displays
* Vision-based strategy to reduce the perceived color misregistration of image-capturing devices
* visual model for optimizing the design of image processing algorithms, A
* Visual Optimization Tools in JPEG 2000
Includes: Daly, S. Daly, S.[Scott]
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Daly, S.J.[Scott J.] Co Author Listing * Method for adapting quantization in video coding using face detection and visual eccentricity weighting

Dalyander, P.S.[P. Soupy] Co Author Listing * Developing bare-earth digital elevation models from structure-from-motion data on barrier islands

Dalyot, S.[Sagi] Co Author Listing * 3D Visibility Analysis for Evaluating the Attractiveness of Tourism Routes Computed from Social Media Photos
* Crowdsourcing User-Generated Mobile Sensor Weather Data for Densifying Static Geosensor Networks
* Formalizing a Multi-dimensional Land Management System: The Stakeholders' Perspective
* Geometrical Adjustment Towards The Alignment of Vector Databases
* High-Precision LiDAR-Based Method for Surveying and Classifying Coastal Notches, A
* ISPRS Benchmark on Indoor Modelling - Preliminary Results, The
* Multi-Temporal Time-Dependent Terrain Visualization through Localized Spatial Correspondence Parameterization
* Octree-Based SIMD Strategy for ICP Registration and Alignment of 3D Point Clouds
* Preface - Isprs Workshop Indoor 3d 2019
* Retrieving Landmark Salience Based on Wikipedia: An Integrated Ranking Model
* Spatial Data Structure and Functionalities for 3D Land Management System Implementation: Israel Case Study
* Towards The Automatic Detection of Geospatial Changes Based On Digital Elevation Models Produced By UAV Imagery
Includes: Dalyot, S.[Sagi] Dalyot, S.
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