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Coen Cagli, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Video Segmentation Algorithms Based On Flexibly Regularized Mixture Models
Includes: Coen Cagli, R.[Ruben] Coen-Cagli, R.[Ruben]

Coene, W.[Wim] Co Author Listing * Fast Route for Application of Rate-Distortion Optimal Quantization in an MPEG Video Encoder, A
* Object wavefunction reconstruction in high resolution electron microscopy
Includes: Coene, W.[Wim] Coene, W.

Coene, W.M.J. Co Author Listing * On Performance Gains in MPEG-2 Video Coding via a Rate-Distortion Optimal Route

Coenen, F.[Frans] Co Author Listing * Breast cancer diagnosis from biopsy images with highly reliable random subspace classifier ensembles
* Classification of MRI Brain Scan Data Using Shape Criteria
* Driving posture recognition by convolutional neural networks
* Prediction Model Based Approach to Open Space Steganography Detection in HTML WebPages, A
* Tesseral spatio-temporal reasoning for multi-dimensional data
* Visualisation of Trend Pattern Migrations in Social Networks
Includes: Coenen, F.[Frans] Coenen, F.

Coenen, F.P. Co Author Listing * Spatial Reasoning Using the Quad Tesseral Representation

Coenen, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Contextual segment-based classification of airborne laser scanner data
* Detection And 3D Modelling of Vehicles From Terrestrial Stereo Image Pairs
* Pose estimation and 3D reconstruction of vehicles from stereo-images using a subcategory-aware shape prior
* Probabilistic Vehicle Reconstruction Using a Multi-Task CNN
Includes: Coenen, M.[Maximilian] Coenen, M. Coenen, M.[Max]

Coenradie, B. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Classification Approach for Mapping Migrant Housing in the Mega-Urban Area of the Pearl River Delta (China), An

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