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Bugeau, A.[Aurelie] Co Author Listing * 3d Object Detection and Pose Estimation of Unseen Objects in Color Images with Local Surface Embeddings
* Bag-of-bags of words irregular graph pyramids vs spatial pyramid matching for image retrieval
* Comparative Study of Irregular Pyramid Matching in Bag-of-Bags of Words Model for Image Retrieval, A
* Comprehensive Framework for Image Inpainting, A
* CorNet: Generic 3D Corners for 6D Pose Estimation of New Objects without Retraining
* Detection and segmentation of moving objects in complex scenes
* Detection and segmentation of moving objects in highly dynamic scenes
* Diffusart: Enhancing Line Art Colorization with Conditional Diffusion Models
* Diffusion and inpainting of reflectance and height LiDAR orthoimages
* Exemplar-based colorization in RGB color space
* Face de-identification with expressions preservation
* Interactive Video Colorization Within a Variational Framework
* Joint inpainting of depth and reflectance with visibility estimation
* Joint Tracking and Segmentation of Objects Using Graph Cuts
* LU-Net: An Efficient Network for 3D LiDAR Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation Based on End-to-End-Learned 3D Features and U-Net
* Luminance-Chrominance Model for Image Colorization
* Luminance-Hue Specification in the RGB Space
* Multi-layer Local Graph Words for Object Recognition
* Multi-Task Deep Learning for Image Segmentation Using Recursive Approximation Tasks
* Patch-based image colorization
* Stereoscopic Image Inpainting: Distinct Depth Maps and Images Inpainting
* Super-attention for Exemplar-based Image Colorization
* SuperPatchMatch: An Algorithm for Robust Correspondences Using Superpixel Patches
* Temporally Consistent Gradient Domain Video Editing
* Track and Cut: Simultaneous Tracking and Segmentation of Multiple Objects with Graph Cuts
* Tracking with Occlusions via Graph Cuts
* Unified Model for Image Colorization, A
* Variational Contrast Enhancement of Gray-Scale and RGB Images
* Variational Exemplar-Based Image Colorization
* Variational Osmosis for Non-Linear Image Fusion
* Visibility estimation and joint inpainting of lidar depth maps
* Where are my clothes? A multi-level approach for evaluating deep instance segmentation architectures on fashion images
Includes: Bugeau, A.[Aurelie] Bugeau, A.[Aurélie] Bugeau, A.
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Bugedo, G. Co Author Listing * Improving the Accuracy of Registration-Based Biomechanical Analysis: A Finite Element Approach to Lung Regional Strain Quantification

Bugeja, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Coarse-Grained, Reconfigurable Image Coprocessor, A

Bugeja, K.[Keith] Co Author Listing * asynchronous method for cloud-based rendering, An

Bugeja, M.K. Co Author Listing * Dual Adaptive Dynamic Control of Mobile Robots Using Neural Networks

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