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Bruha, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Lost Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes: Context of Ancient Objects in Time and Space
Includes: Bruha, L.[Lukas] Bruha, L.[Lukáš]

Bruhin, N.D.[Nina Dekoninck] Co Author Listing * Bioinspired Random Projections for Robust, Sparse Classification

Bruhl, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)
Includes: Bruhl, C.[Christoph] Brühl, C.[Christoph] (Maybe also Bruehl, C.)

Bruhn, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Integration of Feature Matches into Variational Optical Flow Methods
* Anisotropic Range Image Integration
* Anisotropic Selection Scheme for Variational Optical Flow Methods with Order-adaptive Regularisation, An
* Beating the Quality of JPEG 2000 with Anisotropic Diffusion
* Beauty with Variational Methods: An Optic Flow Approach to Hairstyle Simulation
* Combining Shape from Shading and Stereo: A Joint Variational Method for Estimating Depth, Illumination and Albedo
* Combining Shape from Shading and Stereo: A Variational Approach for the Joint Estimation of Depth, Illumination and Albedo
* Combining the Advantages of Local and Global Optic Flow Methods
* Comparison of Isotropic and Anisotropic Second Order Regularisers for Optical Flow, A
* Complementary Optic Flow
* Cyclic Schemes for PDE-Based Image Analysis
* Dense versus Sparse Approaches for Estimating the Fundamental Matrix
* Designing 3-D Nonlinear Diffusion Filters for High Performance Cluster Computing
* Direct Shape-from-Shading with Adaptive Higher Order Regularisation
* Discontinuity-Preserving Computation of Variational Optic Flow in Real-Time
* Distracting Downpour: Adversarial Weather Attacks for Motion Estimation
* Domain Decomposition for Parallel Variational Optical Flow Computation
* Domain Decomposition for Variational Optical-Flow Computation
* Edge-based compression of cartoon-like images with homogeneous diffusion
* Efficient Linearisation Approach for Variational Perspective Shape from Shading, An
* From Box Filtering to Fast Explicit Diffusion
* Generalised Perspective Shape from Shading in Spherical Coordinates
* Generalised Perspective Shape from Shading with Oren-Nayar Reflectance
* High Accuracy Optical Flow Estimation Based on a Theory for Warping
* High performance cluster computing with 3-D nonlinear diffusion filters
* Highly Accurate Optic Flow Computation with Theoretically Justified Warping
* Illumination-Aware Large Displacement Optical Flow
* Illumination-Robust Variational Optical Flow with Photometric Invariants
* Image Compression with Anisotropic Diffusion
* Improving the Accuracy of Registration-Based Biomechanical Analysis: A Finite Element Approach to Lung Regional Strain Quantification
* Is Dense Optic Flow Useful to Compute the Fundamental Matrix?
* Joint Estimation of Motion, Structure and Geometry from Stereo Sequences
* Joint trilateral filtering for multiframe optical flow
* Learning Brightness Transfer Functions for the Joint Recovery of Illumination Changes and Optical Flow
* Lucas/Kanade Meets Horn/Schunck: Combining Local and Global Optic Flow Methods
* M-FUSE: Multi-frame Fusion for Scene Flow Estimation
* Modeling temporal coherence for optical flow
* Morphology for matrix data: Ordering versus PDE-based approach
* Motion Compensated Frame Interpolation with a Symmetric Optical Flow Constraint
* Multi-Scale Raft: Combining Hierarchical Concepts for Learning-Based Optical Flow Estimation
* Multigrid Platform for Real-Time Motion Computation with Discontinuity-Preserving Variational Methods, A
* Optic Flow Goes Stereo: A Variational Method for Estimating Discontinuity-Preserving Dense Disparity Maps
* Optic Flow in Harmony
* Optic Flow Scale Space
* Order-Adaptive Regularisation for Variational Optical Flow: Global, Local and in Between
* Parallel Variational Motion Estimation by Domain Decomposition and Cluster Computing
* Perturbation-Constrained Adversarial Attack for Evaluating the Robustness of Optical Flow, A
* Real-Time Optic Flow Computation with Variational Methods
* Robust Variational Reconstruction from Multiple Views
* Shape from Shading for Rough Surfaces: Analysis of the Oren-Nayar Model
* Spring: A High-Resolution High-Detail Dataset and Benchmark for Scene Flow, Optical Flow and Stereo
* Structure-from-Motion-Aware PatchMatch for Adaptive Optical Flow Estimation
* Theoretical Foundations of Gaussian Convolution by Extended Box Filtering
* Time-Efficient Optimisation Framework for Parameters of Optical Flow Methods, A
* Towards Ultimate Motion Estimation: Combining Highest Accuracy with Real-Time Performance
* Understanding, Optimising, and Extending Data Compression with Anisotropic Diffusion
* Variational Large Displacement Optical Flow Without Feature Matches
* Variational Model for the Joint Recovery of the Fundamental Matrix and the Optical Flow, A
* Variational Motion Segmentation with Level Sets
* Variational optic flow on the Sony PlayStation 3: Accurate dense flow fields for real-time applications
* Variational Optical Flow Computation in Real Time
* Variational Perspective Shape from Shading
Includes: Bruhn, A.[Andres] Bruhn, A.[Andrés] Bruhn, A. Bruhn, A.[Andrées]
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Bruhwiler, L.[Lori] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Variability of Global Atmospheric Methane Observed from Two Decades of Satellite Hyperspectral Infrared Sounders

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