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Brea, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of massively parallel embedded hardware architectures for retinal image processing
* Special issue on advances on smart camera architectures for real-time image processing
Includes: Brea, V.[Victor] Brea, V.[Víctor]

Brea, V.M.[Victor Manuel] Co Author Listing * All-hardware SIFT implementation for real-time VGA images feature extraction
* Cellular neural networks and active contours: A tool for image segmentation
* Correlation-based ConvNet for Small Object Detection in Videos
* Discrete-Time CNN for Image Segmentation by Active Contours
* Feature detection and matching on an SIMD/MIMD hybrid embedded processor
* Pixel-level Snakes
* Real-Time Processing Stand-Alone Multiple Object Visual Tracking System, A
* Real-Time Traffic Monitoring with Occlusion Handling
* Short-term anchor linking and long-term self-guided attention for video object detection
* SiamMT: Real-Time Arbitrary Multi-Object Tracking
* STDnet-ST: Spatio-temporal ConvNet for small object detection
* System for Medical Mask Detection in the Operating Room Through Facial Attributes
* Tracking more than 100 arbitrary objects at 25 FPS through deep learning
Includes: Brea, V.M.[Victor Manuel] Brea, V.M.[Víctor Manuel] Brea, V.M.[Victof M.] Brea, V.M.[Víctor M.] Brea, V.M.
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Breaban, A.I.[Ana Ioana] Co Author Listing * Determining the Suitable Number of Ground Control Points for UAS Images Georeferencing by Varying Number and Spatial Distribution
Includes: Breaban, A.I.[Ana Ioana] Breaban, A.I.[Ana-Ioana]

Breaban, M.[Mihaela] Co Author Listing * unifying criterion for unsupervised clustering and feature selection, A

Breakspear, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Can body expressions contribute to automatic depression analysis?
* Cross-cultural detection of depression from nonverbal behaviour
* Eye movement analysis for depression detection
* Multimodal Depression Detection: Fusion Analysis of Paralinguistic, Head Pose and Eye Gaze Behaviors
* Neural-net classification for spatio-temporal descriptor based depression analysis
* Video-Based Facial Behaviour Analysis Approach to Melancholia, A
Includes: Breakspear, M.[Michael] Breakspear, M.

Breaux, N.[Nancy] Co Author Listing * Halftoning For Color-Indexed Displays

Breaz, R.[Radu] Co Author Listing * Inverse kinematics of a 7 DOF manipulator using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems

Breazeal, C. Co Author Listing * Active vision for sociable robots
* context-dependent attention system for a social robot, A
* Function meets style: insights from emotion theory applied to HRI
* Social interactions in HRI: the robot view

Breazu, M. Co Author Listing * Region-based fractal image compression using deterministic search

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