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Brat, D.J. Co Author Listing * Digital Pathology: Data-Intensive Frontier in Medical Imaging

Bratanic, B.[Blaz] Co Author Listing * Automated visual inspection of pharmaceutical tablets in heavily cluttered dynamic environments
* Pose estimation of textureless objects in cluttered environments
* Real-time pose estimation of rigid objects in heavily cluttered environments
Includes: Bratanic, B.[Blaz] Bratanic, B.[Blaž]

Braten, K. Co Author Listing * General Software System for Supervised Statistical Classification of Symbols, A

Brath, A.[Armando] Co Author Listing * Flow Duration Curve from Satellite: Potential of a Lifetime SWOT Mission

Brath, M.[Manfred] Co Author Listing * Characterization of the High-Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder Using Lunar Observations
* Is There Really a Closure Gap Between 183.31-GHz Satellite Passive Microwave and In Situ Radiosonde Water Vapor Measurements?
* Sea Ice Classification During Freeze-Up Conditions With Multifrequency Scatterometer Data
Includes: Brath, M.[Manfred] Brath, M.

Bratic, G. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Free Road Data in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya Using Free And Open Source Software
* Benchmarking of High-resolution Land Cover Maps In Africa
* Crowdsourcing Water Quality with the Simile App
* Extending Accuracy Assessment Procedures of Global Coverage Land Cover Maps Through Spatial Association Analysis
* Review of High-resolution Global Land Cover

Bratieres, S. Co Author Listing * GPstruct: Bayesian Structured Prediction Using Gaussian Processes

Bratoszewski, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Face Profile View Retrieval Using Time of Flight Camera Image Analysis

Bratsch, S.N.[Sara N.] Co Author Listing * Differentiating among Four Arctic Tundra Plant Communities at Ivotuk, Alaska Using Field Spectroscopy

Bratsolis, E. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Optimized Mathematical Methods in the Improvement of Raster Data and Map Display Resolution of Sentinel-2 Images
* Fast SAR Image Restoration, Segmentation, and Detection of High-Reflectance Regions

Brattain, L.J. Co Author Listing * Self-Supervised Feature Extraction for 3D Axon Segmentation

Brattberg, O. Co Author Listing * Terrain Classification Using Airborne LIDAR Data and Aerial Imagery

Brattin, R.L.[Ricky L.] Co Author Listing * Bird and whale species identification using sound images

Brattland, V.[Vegard] Co Author Listing * Image Processing of Leaf Movements in Mimosa pudica

Brattoli, B.[Biagio] Co Author Listing * Cross and Learn: Cross-Modal Self-supervision
* Improving Spatiotemporal Self-supervision by Deep Reinforcement Learning
* LSTM Self-Supervision for Detailed Behavior Analysis
* MIC: Mining Interclass Characteristics for Improved Metric Learning
* Rethinking Zero-Shot Video Classification: End-to-End Training for Realistic Applications
* SCVRL: Shuffled Contrastive Video Representation Learning
* Sharing Matters for Generalization in Deep Metric Learning
* VidTr: Video Transformer Without Convolutions
* X-GAN: Improving Generative Adversarial Networks with ConveX Combinations
Includes: Brattoli, B.[Biagio] Brattoli, B.
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Bratus, S.[Sergey] Co Author Listing * Domain-specific entity extraction from noisy, unstructured data using ontology-guided search

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