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Borlaf Mena, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Utility of Sentinel-1 Coherence Time Series for Temperate and Tropical Forest Mapping
* Investigating the Impact of Digital Elevation Models on Sentinel-1 Backscatter and Coherence Observations
Includes: Borlaf Mena, I.[Ignacio] Borlaf-Mena, I.[Ignacio]

Borland, E. Co Author Listing * 3D performance capture for facial animation
* Pre-commercial 3D digital TV studio

Borland, H.P.[Hayden P.] Co Author Listing * Watching the Saltmarsh Grow: A High-Resolution Remote Sensing Approach to Quantify the Effects of Wetland Restoration

Borlin, N.[Niclas] Co Author Listing * Bias of cylinder diameter estimation from ground-based laser scanners with different beam widths: A simulation study
* Comparison of resection-intersection algorithms and projection geometries in radiostereometry
* Efficient Computation of Posterior Covariance In Bundle Adjustment In Dbat for Projects with Large Number of Object Points
* Estimation Of Tree Stem Attributes Using Terrestrial Photogrammetry
* External Verification Of The Bundle Adjustment In Photogrammetric Software Using The Damped Bundle Adjustment Toolbox
* Implementing Functional Modularity for Processing of General Photogrammetric Data With The Damped Bundle Adjustment Toolbox (DBAT)
Includes: Borlin, N.[Niclas] Börlin, N.[Niclas] (Maybe also Boerlin, N.)Börlin, N. (Maybe also Boerlin, N.)

Borlinhas, F.[Filipa] Co Author Listing * Multi-modal Complete Breast Segmentation

Borlino, F.C.[Francesco Cappio] Co Author Listing * Distance-based Hyperspherical Classification for Multi-source Open-Set Domain Adaptation
* Rethinking Domain Generalization Baselines
* Semantic Novelty Detection via Relational Reasoning

Borlongan, N.J.B. Co Author Listing * Near-realtime Flood Detection From Multi-temporal Sentinel Radar Images Using Artificial Intelligence
* Rs-based Water Resources Inventory Of The Philippines: Capacity Building Efforts For Nationwide Implementation

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