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Blichar, J.[Juraj] Co Author Listing * New trends in content delivery networks

Blicher, A.P.[A. Peter] Co Author Listing * Edge Detection and Geometric Methods in Computer Vision
* Edge Localization in Both Theta and X
* Lightsphere: Fast Lighting Compensation for Matching a 2D Image to a 3D Model
* Representing Shape: Bumps, Level Set Graphs, and Gaussian Curvature
* Shape Representation Based on Geometric Topology: Bumps, Gaussian Curvature, and the Topological Zodiac, A
* Shape Representation for Computer Vision Based on Differential Topology, A
* Stereo Matching from the Topological Viewpoint
* Stereo Matching Problem from the Topological Viewpoint, The
* Unique Recovery of Motion and Optic Flow Via Lie Algebras
Includes: Blicher, A.P.[A. Peter] Blicher, A.P.
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Blickensdorfer, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Virtual Support Vector Machines with self-learning strategy for classification of multispectral remote sensing imagery
Includes: Blickensdorfer, L.[Lukas] Blickensdörfer, L.[Lukas] (Maybe also Blickensdoerfer, L.)

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