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Biem, A. Co Author Listing * Detecting Road Traffic Events by Coupling Multiple Timeseries With a Nonparametric Bayesian Method
* Dynamic signature verification using discriminative training
* Maximization of Mutual Information for Offline Thai Handwriting Recognition
* Minimum Classification Error Training for Online Handwriting Recognition
* Minimum classification error training for online handwritten word recognition
* Model Selection Criterion for Classification: Application to HMM Topology Optimization, A
Includes: Biem, A. Biem, A.[Alain]

Biemer, E. Co Author Listing * Accuracy and Precision of the Three-Dimensional Assessment of the Facial Surface Using a 3-D Laser Scanner

Biemond, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * email: Biemond, J.[Jan]: J Biemond AT its tudelft nl
* 3-D Scene Reconstruction with Viewpoint Adaptation on Stereo Displays
* Accurate and robust marker localization algorithm for camera calibration
* Adaptive Order Statistic Noise Filter for Gamma Corrected Image Sequences, An
* Automated High-Level Movie Segmentation for Advanced Video-Retrieval Systems
* Complex Event Classification in Degraded Image Sequences
* Constrained Texture Restoration
* Correction of Intensity Flicker in Old Film Sequences
* Correspondence estimation in image pairs
* Edge-based image restoration
* Efficient image CODEC with reduced content access work
* efficient spatio-temporal OS-filter for gamma-corrected video signals, An
* Embedded coring in MPEG video compression
* Error robust video coding based on H.263
* Fast Kalman Filter for Images Degraded by Both Blur and Noise, A
* Fractal coding in an object-based system
* Hierarchical coding of HDTV
* Iterative Identification and Restoration of Images
* Low-complexity rate-distortion optimal transcoding of MPEG I-frames
* Maximum likelihood image and blur identification: A Unifying Approach
* Noise Reduction for Image Sequences Using an Oriented Pyramid Thresholding Technique
* Noise reduction of image sequences using motion compensation and signal decomposition
* On the Nonseparability of Image Models
* Pel-Recursive Motion Estimation in the Presence of Illumination Variations
* Pel-Recursive Motion Field Estimation from Image Sequences
* Perceptual optimization of image coding algorithms
* Quality Measure for Compressed Image Sequences Based on an Eye-Movement Compensated Spatio-Temporal Model, A
* Recent Advances In Video Content Analysis: From Visual Features to Semantic Video Segments
* Restoration of spatially varying blurred images using multiple model-based extended Kalman filters
* Shape Coding Using Polar Coordinates and the Discrete Cosine Transform
* Spatially adaptive subsampling of image sequences
* spatiotemporal image sequence restoration algorithm, A
* Special Section on the 1997 Visual Communications and Image Processing Award Papers
* Subband coding of image sequences at low bit rates
* Template-based detection of anchorperson shots in news programs
* Visual Communications and Image Processing '97
Includes: Biemond, J.[Jan] Biemond, J.
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