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Berveglieri, A.[Adilson] Co Author Listing * Automatic Orientation of Multi-Scale Terrestrial Images for 3D Reconstruction
* Exterior Orientation of Hyperspectral Frame Images Collected with UAV for Forest Applications
* feasibility study on the measurement of tree trunks in forests using multi-scale vertical images, A
* Multi-Scale Matching for the Automatic Location of Control Points in Large Scale Aerial Images Using Terrestrial Scenes
* Orientation and Calibration Requirements for Hyperpectral Imaging Using UAVs: A Case Study
* Successional stages and their evolution in tropical forests using multi-temporal photogrammetric surface models and superpixels
* Tree Stem Reconstruction Using Vertical Fisheye Images: A Preliminary Study
* Using Vertical Panoramic Images to Record a Historic Cemetery
Includes: Berveglieri, A.[Adilson] Berveglieri, A.
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Berviller, Y. Co Author Listing * Efficient implementation of a 3-D medical imaging compression system using CAVLC
* Embedded and Programmable System Based FPGA for Real Time MPEG Stream Buffer Analysis, An

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