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Belda, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Evaluation of Adaptive LDPC AL-FEC Codes for Content Download Services

Belda, S.[Santiago] Co Author Listing * Changes in Onset of Vegetation Growth on Svalbard, 2000-2020
* Drift of the Earth's Principal Axes of Inertia from GRACE and Satellite Laser Ranging Data
* Green LAI Mapping and Cloud Gap-Filling Using Gaussian Process Regression in Google Earth Engine
* Monitoring Cropland Phenology on Google Earth Engine Using Gaussian Process Regression
* Multi-Season Phenology Mapping of Nile Delta Croplands Using Time Series of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 Green LAI
* Quantifying Fundamental Vegetation Traits over Europe Using the Sentinel-3 OLCI Catalogue in Google Earth Engine
* Quantifying the Robustness of Vegetation Indices through Global Sensitivity Analysis of Homogeneous and Forest Leaf-Canopy Radiative Transfer Models
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Beldados, A.[Alemseged] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing for Biocultural Heritage Preservation in an African Semi-Arid Region: A Case Study of Indigenous Wells in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia

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